Beers Cerveza - ?· Beers Beer is the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage. Its origins date back to…

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BeersBeer is the worlds oldest alcoholic beverage. Its origins date back to at least the 6th century BC. It first appears in written history in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and is related to the appearance of sedentary groups, with the farming of grains and bread elaboration.Clearly, the rustic, acid flavored beverage drunk in ancient times has had a marked evolution through the history of the world up to the actual refreshing, foamy beer we all know.Lager BeerClear Beer Pilsner TypeAmerican-style lager beer is a common variety of beer, a type of pale lager, traditionally made and consumed in North America, but also popular in much of the rest of the world. It derives ultimately from the Czech Pilsner, but is characterized by a much lighter color and body and the frequent use of rice or corn as adjuncts. Pilsner BeerPilsener or pilsner is a pale lager, developed in the 19th century in the city of Pilsen, Bohemia (Plze in the Czech Republic).Ambar Beer Dark Beer Amber color Viena TypeLoosely, a variation of the good old bitter. Usually made a bit stronger and redder by the addition of Amber Malts. Once again, these are generic terms and the name that a brewery decides to attach to their beer is not so much a matter of fact as as it is a matter of opinion.Corona $60.00 Corona Light $60.00 Pcifico $60.00Pcifico Light $60.00 Modelo Especial $60.00 Modelo Light $60.00 Tecate $60.00 Tecate Light $60.00 XX Lager $60.00XX Lager Ambar $60.00 Bohemia $60.00 Bohemia Dark $60.00 Victoria $60.00 Cerveza Indio $60.00 Negra Modelo $60.00 Montejo $60.00 Len Negra $60.00 Cerveza La cerveza es una de las bebidas alcohlicas ms antiguas que existen. Su origen se remonta a la prehistoria, relacionado con la aparicin de grupos sociales sedentarios, el cultivo de cereales y la elaboracin de pan, se han encontrado registros escritos en la historia de el antiguo Egipto y Mesopotamia. El caldo nutritivo y de sabor cido que deban beber nuestros antepasados ha ido evolucionando a lo largo de la historia hasta las actuales cervezas refrescantes y espumosas. Cerveza LagerCerveza clara, tipo Pilsner Un trmino genrico para cualquier cerveza producido por baja fermentacin, comnmente por decoccin. La cerveza lager se introdujo en el 1840 y es ahora es el predominante mtodo de fabricacin a travs del mundo excepto en Bretaa. Las cerveza lager tienden a ser ms plidas, ms espumosas, ms secas y menos alcohlico que cervezas Ale Cerveza PilsnerUn nombre general para plido, ureo, altamente lupulada, fermentacin de fondo. La original fue primero fabricada en el pueblo Bohemio de Pilsen en 1842.Cerveza AmbarCerveza oscura, color mbar, tipo VienaAmbar: De color rojizo - mbar, dulzona, hecha con maltaacentuadamente Lager originalmente se fabric en Viena.Mexican Beers | Cervezas Mexicanas Odouls $60.00 Old Milwake $60.00 Heineken $70.00 Budweisser $70.00 Bud Light $70.00 Miller $70.00 Miller Light $70.00 Coors $70.00 Coors Light $70.00 Holland USA USA USA USA USA USA USA USA Imported Beers | Cervezas Importadas Non Alcoholic Beers | Cervezas sin alcohol Prices are in pesos, tax includedPrecios son en pesos, incluyen IVAPrices are in pesos, tax includedPrecios son en pesos, incluyen IVAGuacamole and SalsaWith fresh totopos and lots of love! $90Casa Dorada Wings And these, are different, with your choice of Honey Mustard, Adobo Sauce or Chipotle BBQ. $90Fish and TotoposOur version of the classic Irish dish, with spicy tartar sauce. $140Chili PoppersWith white cheddar cheese and blue cheese dressing $120Corn Dog BasketWith Mexican style batter and served with chipotle dressing. $120Arrachera SkewersWith Mexican herbed extra virgin olive oil, and a nice helping of fries. $140Grilled cheeseGrilled Fresh Mexican cheese, a nice helping of marinated olives and hand made tortillas. $140Veggy platterJicama, carrots, cucumbers, celery and brocolli, ready to be dipped in ranch dressing. $70Casa Dorada FajitasWith your choice of Chicken $140, Shrimp $160 or Beef $160 with flour or corn tortillas.Queso FundidoWith your choice of chorizo, roasted poblano peppers or mushrooms, with flour tortillas. $130Oaxaca cheese QuesadillasWith your choice of shrimp $170, beef $160 or chicken $140, served with salsa Mexicana Casa Dorada Nachos $120 or with your choice of meat $180, chicken $170 and with the usual toppings! NY Style Mini BurgersWith our sirloin burger, cheddar cheese and bacon with a nice helping of French fries. $110 Salsa y GuacamoleCon su tradicional guarnicin de totopos frescos y mucho amor. $90Alitas al estilo Casa DoradaVerdaderamente mexicanas, con eleccin de mostaza con miel, adobo o salsa chipotle BBQ. $90Pescado con PapasCon un capeado crujiente de cerveza, papas a la francesa y salsa trtara picosita. $140Jalapeos RellenosCon queso cheddar blanco y aderezo de queso azul. $120 Banderillas de SalchichaServida con aderezo de chipotle. $120Brochetas de ArracheraCon aceite de olivo y hierbas mexicanas, papas a la francesa a un lado. $140Queso Panela AsadoAceitunas marinadas y tortillas hechas a mano. $140CrudetCon jcama, zanahoria, pepinos, pimientos rojos y brcoli, listos para que los aderezes con ranch. $70Fajitas Estilo Casa DoradaCon la opcin de Pollo $140 , Camarn $160 Carne $160 con tortillas de maz o harina.Queso FundidoCon opcin de chorizo, hongos rajas de poblano, con tortillas de harina. $130QuesadillasCon queso Oaxaca y tu eleccin de camarn $170 Carne $160 pollo $140 servidas con salsa mexicana.Nachos DoradosSencillos $120, con tu eleccin de carne $180 pollo $170 con su guarnicin. Mini Hamburguesas Estilo New YorkCon queso cheddar y tocino a un lado de ricas papas a la francesa. $110The B Snacks & Deli | Men Deli The B The B MartiniVodka, fresh watermelon juice, watermelon liquor and lime juiceGoldy MartiniVodka, pineapple liquor, pineapple juiceDry MartiniGin, dry vermouth, olive and lime zestMar de Cortez MartiniMalibu, Blue curacao, pineapple juice, sweet & sourPericue MartiniMezcal, tamarind pulp, orange juice, tajin pepper rimMartini Medium OrangeAbsolut mandarin, sweet vermouth and orange Red Neck MartiniVodka, sangrita mix, dry vermouth and oliveSpicy Mango MartiniSpicy Vodka, mango pulp, orange juice, tajin pepper rimMartini Lemon DropVodka, Triple sec, sugar and lemonCoco-tiniVodka, coconut liquor & pineapple juiceMartini MelonVodka, Midori and lime twistTequini DoradoTequila Gold, triple sec, sweet & sour and cranberry juiceCosmopolitanVodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and limeAppletiniVodka, apple liquor, triple sec and cherryChocolate Kiss MartiniVodka, cacao liquor, Baileys and chocolateChocolate Mint MartiniVodka, cacao liquor, coffe liquor, mint liquor, Baileys, chocolate and cherryMexican Flower MartiniVodka, hisbiscus syrup, sweet & sourBanana Split MartiniVanilla Absolut, banana liquor, strawberry liquor & Baileys Almond MartiniVodka, amareto liquor and orange juiceMartini Pink MonkeyWhite Rum, pineapple juice & cranberry juicePeach Melba MartiniAbsolut Vanilla, peach liquor, strrauberry mixMartini BajaVodka, damiana liquor, angostura bitter, pineapple juice & cherry$80.00$90.00$80.00$90.00$90.00$90.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$90.00$90.00$90.00$80.00$90.00$100.00$80.00$90.00$90.00$80.00$100.00$90.00Martini The BVodka, licor de sandia, vermouth dulce y limnMartini DoradoVodka, licor de pia y jugo de piaMartini SecoGin, vermouth seco, aceituna y cscara de limnMar de Cortez MartiniMalibu, Blue curacao, jugo de pia, sweet & sour mix.Martini PericueMezcal, pulpa de tamarindo, jugo de naranja escarchado con tajnMartini Media NaranjaAbsolut mandarin, vermouth dulce y naranjaMartini ChamoyVodka, sangrita, vermouth seco y aceitunaMartini de Mango PicanteVodka picante, pulpa de mango, jugo de naranja y escarchado con tajin Martini Gota de LimnVodka, Triple sec, jarabe y limnCoco-tiniVodka, licor de coco y jugo de piaMartini MelonVodka, Midori y cscara de limnTequini DoradoTequila oro, triple sec, sweet & sour mix, cranberry juiceCosmopolitanVodka, triple seco, jugo de arndano y limnMartini ManzanaVodka, licor de manzana, licor de naranja y cerezaChocolate Kiss MartiniVodka, licor de cacao, Baileys y chocolateMartini de Chocolate y MentaVodka, licor de cacao, licor de caf, licor de menta, Baileys, choco-late liquido y cerezaMartini Flor de MxicoVodka, concentrado de jamaica y sweet & sourBanana Split MartiniAbsolut vainilla, licor de pltano, licor de fresa y BaileysMartini AlmendraVodka, Amareto y jugo de naranjaMartini Mono RosaRon blanco, jugo de pia y jugo de arndanoPeach Melba MartiniAbsolut vainilla, licor de durazno y fresaMartini BajaVodka, licor de damiana, amargo de angostura, jugo de pia y cerezaThe B Martinies | Martinis The BPrices are in pesos, tax includedPrecios son en pesos, incluyen IVABahama Mama A classic mix of banana and pineapple with its sweet and fruity alcoholic base of rum.Rum CocktailSimilar to a classic Daiquiri with a touch of Grenadine.BelliniSparkling wine, with its dry touch lead by the sweetness of the peach.Bloody MaryPerfect on those brave mornings or hunger afternoons. Drink Tomato!Caipiria o Caipirovska The B Brasil macerated with the lime fervor. Try all the fresh fruit versions, rum or vodka?Cuba Libre OriginalThe truly and traditional cuba libre with its well known secret, rum, lime and angostura bitter.Daiquiri! The fruit? you chooseThe cocktail evolution drive us to the house of fruity Daiquiris, mango, stawberry, bananaJalapeo & Cucumber MojitoTraditional rum with the mexican jalapeo touchElectric LemonadeCharge your electric lemonade with vodka and blue curacao Zzaaap!.Panama JackThe perfect combination for a hot summer, Malibu rum, banana liquor and pineapple juice.SupermanOur famous hero from justice hall, strawberry daiquiri and electric lemonade, trouncing all its power.MargaritasThe perfect couple in Cabos, tequila and fresh lime or other fruits. !!!Try them all, arriba, arriba!!!MojitosThe perfume of mint and lime with the passion of the beginning of cuban rum. Ask for the specials!Sex on the beachVelvety sweetness of cassis that take you to the beach. Much better if accompanied. Tequila SunriseFeel all the attraction of the tequila, smoothened by the final taste of grenadine.Wennie PoohA simple recipe, but yet very tender. Mango & Strawberry daiquiriMoodslideGreat moodslide of sweet coffee and chocolate, vodka? Of course!HummingbirdGreat combination in los Cabos dessert, Strawberrie, baileys, coffee and banana, fly smoothly.$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$90.00$80.00$90.00$90.00$80.00$80.00$80.00$90.00$90.00$90.00$90.00Bahama Mama Una mezcla clsica de pia y banana con su dulce y frutal base alcohlica de ron.Ron Cocktail ClsicoSimilar al Daiquir clsico con un toque de Granadina.BelliniVino espumoso, con tacto seco y de la mano de la dulzura del durazno.Bloody MaryPerfecto para esas maanas bravas o tardes hambrientas. Toma tomate!Caipiria o Caipirovska The B El Brasil macerado con la pasin del limn. Pregunte por las otras variantes de frutas.Cuba Libre OriginalEl verdadero y tradicional cuba libre con su secreto a voces de ron, limn y angostura.Daiquiri! Cual fruta?...Usted escojaLa evolucin de la coctelera nos llevo a las puertas de los Daiquirs frutales, mango, pltano, fresaMojito de jalapeo y pepinoEl sabor tradicional del ron con el toque mexicano del jalapeoLimonada ElctricaTu limonada elctrica con Vodka y curacao azul.Panama JackLa combinacin perfecta para un verano acalorado. Ron malibu, licor de pltano y jugo de pia.SupermanNuestro famoso hroe del saln de la justicia, daiquiri de fresa y limonada elctrica, disimulando su potencia.MargaritasLa pareja del ao en los Cabos tequila y limn u otras frutas. Prubalas todas, arriba, arriba!!!MojitosEl aroma del la hierva buena y el limn con la pasin de la cuna del Ron cubano. Pregunta por los especiales.Sexo en la PlayaDulzura aterciopelada por el cassis que te transportar a la playa. Pero mejor si vas acompaado.Tequila SunriseSiente toda la atraccin del tequila suavizada por el gusto final de la Granadina.Wennie PoohUna receta simple, pero tierna. Con daiquiri de mango y fresa.MoodslideToda una avalancha de dulzura aterciopelada de caf y chocolate.ColibrGran combinacin para el desierto de los Cabos, Fresa, baileys, licor de caf y platano, vuela ligero.The B-Cocktails | Cocteles The BPrices are in pesos, tax includedPrecios son en pesos, incluyen IVA


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