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BEDS AND MATTRESSES Beds and Mattresses are an essential part of the hotel accommodation. Beds and Mattresses are of great importance for sleeping in comfort.These are those things which are complimentary to the guest and tells the standard of the hotel BEDS Abed is a piece offurnitureused as a place tosleeporrelax. Good beds are an investment in comfort and health. An ideal bed cradles the body while its underlying firmness maintains correct position.

Beds structure A Frame A Base A Headboard A Footboard

Frame Bed frames, also called bed stead's, are made of wood or metal. The frame is made up of head, foot, and side rails. For heavy duty or larger frames (such as for queen- and king-sized beds), the bed frame also includes a center support rail. These rails are assembled to create a box for the mattress or mattress/box spring to sit on.Types of frame :-

Platform Frames Metal Frames

Bed BaseA bed consist primarily of a mattresses supported by a base.The base may be made of coil spring, wire mesh, solid wood or plywood or slatted wood.Types of base :-

Base spring Metal-coil spring box spring Headboard Headboards main objective is to support the guest back, and to protect the wall from developing greasy stains from a guests head.Today hotels now prefer headboards to be wall mountedTo fulfill the purpose of this its size should between 30 to 45 cm in length.

Footboard Footboard are usually of the same material and colour as the headboard of the bed. Most hotels beds have footboard that are at the same level or at a level slightly higher than that of the mattresses. Types of beds Cribs bed

Rollaway zed beds

Sofa bed

Cribs bed These are available as guest loan items in hotels and are usually collapsible to save storage space. They should have adequate locking mechanisms to ensure that they dont collapse when an infant or a child is put to sleep in them.

Rollaway zed beds Zed beds get their name from their three-parts folded frame resembling the letter Z. These can be rollaway beds on rollers or casters. They generally have a thin latex-foam mattress that rests on a base of stretched springs attached to a rectangle folding frame. There are better-quality ones available that have interior-spung mattresses.

Sofa bed These provide extra seating by day and a bed by might . The better ones have a slatted wooden base with an interior-sprung mattress the wire-mesh ones may be cheaper but tend to sag in time.

Mattresses Amattressis a large pad for supporting the reclining body, used as or on abed. Mattresses may consist of a quilted or similarly fastened case, usually of heavy cloth, that contains hair, straw, cotton, foam rubber, etc.; a framework of metal springs; or they may be inflatable.

Mattresses are usually placed on top of abed basewhich may be solid, as in the case of aplatform bed, orelastic, e.g. with an upholstered wood and wirebox springor a slatted foundation. Flexible bed bases can prolong the life of the mattressTypes of matrresses Interior-sprung mattresses Latex mattresses Solid-stuffed mattresses Plastic mattresses Water mattresses Interior Sprung MattressesThese mattresses have an inner layer of springs between layers of insulation and padding. Interior sprung mattresses are of three types:

Open spring mattresses: These have hourglass shaped wire coils sandwiched between wire frames.

Pocket spring mattresses: The spring in these are cylindrical and each is enclosed in a fabric or foam pocket.

Continuous spring mattresses: In these the springs are made from wire that is linked and intertwined in a mesh like pattern. These are ideal for double beds because they compress to the shape of the body. Thus, they are also referred to as Posture springing mattresses.

Latex mattresses These mattresses are made from synthetic rubber that is whipped into foam with a chemical setting agent while in a semi-liquid state and poured into heated moulds. A good foam mattress may be about 10 cm deep and have layers of foam, with the firmest layer at the bottom and the softest at the top. The normal have a right and a wrong side. These mattresses are extremely resilient they regain their original shape rapidly after being lain on, and therefore require no turning.

Solid stuff mattresses These mattresses are made by filling a thick with padding. The padding may be in the foam of the animal hair, cotton, kapon, wool, coir, or flock. They are also absorbent and require frequent turning when in use. They may also require frequent turning when in use. They may also require frequent making as they tend to sag easily.

Plastic mattresses These are made from polyethylene and vinyl foam. They are non-absorbent and resistant to attack by moths and other pests.

Water mattresses These resemble interior-sprung mattresses in appearance. Well designed ones have water-filled cell in the center of the mattress. These cells are covered vinyl-covered urethane foam and the perimeter of the mattress has a row of inner spring coils that are meant to provide support to a person sitting on the edge of the bed.

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