Become an Information Intelligence Genius: 5 Steps to Make Your Life Easier

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2. About the Presenter Jim Merrifield Director of Information Governance - FileTrail Certified Information Governance Professional (IGP) Certified Information Professional (CIP) Co-Author of ARMA IGP Prep Course AIIM Education Partner ARMA Connecticut Chapter President2 3. Todays Webinar What to Expect Hear practical solutions for implementing a UnifiedRecords and Information Governance (URIG) program that really works Learn from real companies who have done it Take away key tips that will make your life easier Become a Information Intelligence Genius3 4. Step 1 Define a Records Management Program4 5. Define a Records Management Program Before you can execute, you need to understand: Goals Benefits Risk Outcomes Understanding how Information Intelligence can work for you is the key to success 6. 3 Pillars of Information IntelligenceThe new paradigm for finding and developing operational efficiency for Unified Records Management & Information GovernanceAccess and VisibilityCompliance and ControlExperience and Results 6 7. Information Intelligence ValueAccess & Visibility Boost ProductivityCompliance & Control Efficiency Compliance Resource savings Time savings Reduce RiskExperience & Results Return On Investment Total Cost of Ownership Innovation7 8. Real Example: Black Elk Energy Black Elk Energy deployed FileTrail for SharePoint and has improved paper records handling efficiency by 25% and avoided hiring more staff, saving them $100k/yrIn just a day or two, I was able to put together a list of every production handling agreement we have; previously, this would have taken a month. The ability to immediately lay our hands on needed documents translates into money in our pockets. David Cantu, Vice President of IT 8 9. Step 2 Embrace Information Governance9 10. Information Management Challenges The paper problem Managing the vast volume of files Active files move around and are used by many Lost/misplaced files are expensive and add risk Managing documents off-site surrenders control Audits consume significant time and resourcesCompliance issues Managing documents according to the retention schedule Defensible and consistent disposition Enforcing RM and privacy policies10 11. Best Practices Engine Framework to deploy best practices for information intelligence across the enterprise20 years of experience in the unified records management and information governance space, using the latest tools and finest designA Best Practices engine should be built into your solution11 12. Dashboard Driven ProcessesLeverage Personal and Secure Dashboards to Trigger Action for Summary Metrics 13. Step 3 Manage By Exception13 14. Manual Processes are Costing You $ Keeping Spreadsheets Managers sign-off Searching for records in multiple locations Emails to find out who has a fileManual URIG management can cause errors and cost organizations time and resources 15. Automation is KeyCut Employee Search time by 90%Improve Efficiency by 25%15 16. Chain of Custody Who owns the document Who decides who gets a file? Who retrieves the file? Who has clearance for certain files? Who monitors how long a document is checked out?Exhausted yet? 16 17. Step 4 Your Current Process is King17 18. You know Better than Anyone You have spent time perfecting your URIG process You know what you internal customers expect You are aware of SLAs You may have multiple location expectationsA URIG program should COMPLIMENT your current process, not define it.18 19. Expertise should be built in Long Term consulting engagements are expensive A solution should be your expert, not a person Make sure any system you choose can configure to fit YOURprocesses19 20. You need Configurable Technology Define any type of process, methodology and office process across locations, types of businesses and industries.Eliminate expensive custom development, lo wering the total cost of ownershipSpeed up implementation time with fewer review cyclesAdapt to reflect your organizational structure, record s type, and media you want to manageAutomatically bridge the gap between user knowledge and applied methodologyCreate an actionable records and information governance program20 21. Real Example: Finn Dixon & Herling LLP Finn Dixon & Herling deployed FileTrails hosted solution to track and manage client and business records. Reduced records management staff by 50% Saved over $30k/yr Sourced and Located files in under 3 minutes Flexibility is essential to map to our internal processes. I was able to customize and configure the solution to fit our specific needs. Jim Merrifield, Records Information Manager21 22. Step 5 Easy Access for All22 23. Search - Request - Locate - Manage Easy search for any user, no matter their role Download desired content or simply request materials Records managers can locate files instantly Intuitive retrieval orders file pick up by destination Easily manage checked out files 24. RFID Technology RFID allows you to locate information assets without line of sight. Its the next generation technology after barcodesReduce errors and effortlessly know: Where information lives What attributes it possesses Edits made The last time it was checked out, when and by whomImprove the validation process: Quickly find items and conduct audits Monitor files and self-heal critical tasksGenerate problem alerts and status reports by email 24 25. Tracking Down Information Should be Easy Visibility: Minimize time and resources searching for info Ease of Use: Modern design, simple UI Highly Configurable: Map to your business processes Product Depth: Adapt to any environment Reliability: Quality design and execution Automation: No User involvement for long-distance searches25 26. Commercial Offsite Vendor Management File request should be just as easy the file room retrieval Effortlessly locating files to save time Manage records from your own dashboard, not theirs26 27. About FileTrailFounded in 2000HQ in San Jose, CAOver 20 years of URIG ExperienceEast Coast: Washington DC450 Clients and 20% Annual Growth North America: 80% Europe: 20%Information Intelligence Leader in Management, Asset Tracking and process improvementAPAC & Africa27 28. Recap of 5 StepsDefine Your Records Management Program Embrace Information Governance Manage By Exception Your Current Process Is King Easy Access For All28 29. Questions?29