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<ul><li> 1. Become aDragon Medical Practice Edition Partner Create unprecedented opportunity for GROWTH </li> <li> 2. About Nuance Healthcare About eDistWhy should you become a Why should you buyDragon Medical Practice Edition Dragon Medical Practice Editionreseller? from eDist? </li> <li> 3. Building from a provenfoundation in voicecapture, Nuance solutions improve clinician satisfaction. improve care team efficiency. create higher-quality clinical documentation. improve patient care. </li> <li> 4. Nuance Healthcare delivers by:Fueling clinician adoption Providing insight Providing solutionsof new healthcare technologies into unstructured data captured that accurately capture andthrough integrations that support in the clinical documentation transform the patient story intoexisting clinical workflow. process, streamlining quality meaningful, actionable information. measures reporting, re-admission tracking, and supporting RAC audits more efficiently. </li> <li> 5. The quickest and easiest way to grow your business is:Selling and marketing new Reaching out to newproducts to existing clients. potential clients. Dragon Medical Practice Edition lets clinicians use a narrative format to dictate patient encounters in their own words, including history of present illness, review of symptoms, physical examinations and more. Tap into the booming healthcare industry and become a Dragon Medical Practice Edition reseller. </li> <li> 6. The rush to adopt Electronic Health Records (EHR) ison. Funding for those who qualify under the Medicare ! Beginning inand Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive 2015, physicians who elect not toPrograms under the HITECH provisions of the 2009 use an EMR will beAmerican Recovery and Reinvestment Act can run up to penalized, starting with a 1%$44,000 for Medicare, and up to $64,000 for Medicaid. Medicare fee reduction. Medical providers who do not adopt an EMRThe Clock Is Ticking! To get the maximum incentivepayment, Medicare eligible professionals must after 2017 will face a 3% Medicarebegin participation by 2012. fee reduction and 5% Medicare fee reduction in 2019.Medical speech recognition is effective at helping physicians create electronic health records. Today, over400,000 clinicians use voice recognition to dictate findings into electronic recordsfar more than thosedocumenting findings solely via typing or mouse clicks. Speech recognition allows physicians to captureanywhere their observations, assessments, and plans for ready access within the EHR. </li> <li> 7. Mobile/On-the-Go Static Smart Phone or TabletCapturing voice at the point of care Using wired or secure wireless USB The demand from some Physicians towith various professional voice Microphones to navigate the PC or utilize Android phones, iPhones or iPadsprocessing devices, all designed to MAC and at the press of a in their clinics is on the rise. The voice isconvert spoken words into digital button, launching a template to captured and securely routed throughdocuments. This process is done begin dictating. Speech Exec Enterprise andwith true automation through the Dragon Medical Practice Editionfinest software that is 100% software. A digital document waiting forintegrated with Medical Speech their signature is returnedall withoutRecognition software. human intervention. Professional Voice Processing devices are available from Nuance, Olympus, Philips Speech Processing, Plantronics and more. </li> <li> 8. High Demand. Open Market. Excellent Profit Margins.Dragon Medical technology has been Nuance Healthcare market The MSRP forchosen by more than 180,000 physicians research (February 2012) Dragon Medical Practice Edition isworldwide to document clinical records indicated that 187,314 clinics and $1,599.99.and dictate correspondence, making it medical practices in the US market Resellers pay on average, $1,199.00the most widely used speech recognition still fit the criteria to purchase per piece and that means a profitsolution for physicians. Dragon Medical Practice Edition. margin of nearly 30% per product sale! Federal Stimulus Availability. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 $790 billion Approximately $30 billion within the Bill is allocated towards the improvement of healthcare in some form Health IT Comparative Effectiveness research Training for more primary care physicians The Health Information Technology for Economic and Research on chronic Clinical Health Act (HITECH) diseases includes $19 billion for health information technology Community Health Centers </li> <li> 9. How many solutions does your company sell that Have a Federal Government initiative spending $27 billion over the next ten years to support? Are protected by Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, which enforces all certified products to be advertised at the manufactures list price only? Nuance works with a third party company to help monitor MAP violators. Retail at $1599.99 to $1899 and higher? Provide recurring annual revenue through maintenance programs? 30% profit margins on software and hardware solutions? Additional revenue and profits from training, installation and configuration of your voice processing and speech recognition solutions? </li> <li> 10. The benefits of speech-enabled EHR systems include: Dramatically reduced transcription Reduction in time spent expense. documenting care. Substantially improved physician Increased per-patient revenue experience. by enabling physicians to document a more complete Improved patient care via complete patient note. documentation that is immediately available.Speech Recognition substantially improves patient care. Prior studies by the Institute of Medicinehave determined that many medical errors occur because of a lack of universal access to patientdocumentation. Leveraging speech recognition technology, physicians can infuse the patient record withtheir direct observations, assessments, and plansin their own words. Having patient notes immediatelyavailable in the EHR means that all members of a patients care team have access to up-to-date, complete information; meaning better decisions and better patient care. </li> <li> 11. NATIONWIDE ORDER DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATIONWelcome to theBusiness Solutions Divisionwhere weve got over 39 yearsof experience and success PRE-SALES CERTIFICATION SUPPORTserving our valued partners.Our services cover training andcertification on several industry leadingmanufacturers such asBrother, Nuance, Olympus, Philips, Plantronics, Sharp, and Sony. AFTER-SALES TRAININGWe also assist in pre-sales and after sales SUPPORTsupport. Our marketing and technicalsupport specialists, combined with ournationwide distribution and orderentry/shipping automation, make doingbusiness efficient and profitable for ourcustomers. TECHNICAL MARKETING SUPPORT SUPPORT </li> <li> 12. eDist Business delivers by:DIVERSE INVENTORY LOGISTICS MARKETINGSELECTION eDist Business will be celebrating eDist Business provides our partnerseDist Business provides an in-depth our 40th year in business in 2013. with access to marketing programsinventory selection from the key Our logistics are complimented by designed to support the rapid-firemanufactures to support fast paced our Web OE capabilities to support changes and promotions that takeorganizations designed to deliver end- large volume order entry. Same place in the world of advertising. Ourto-end solutions. eDist Business day services, next day delivery aresupports small, medium and fortune marketing programs are customized500 companies. Business all handled from dock to stock via and tailored to capture and promotemachines, Supplies, Voice RFID inventory control which our partners brand and deliverProcessing and Speech Recognition provides the highest rate in order marketing solutions that provide aare our core competencies. fulfillment accuracy. quick ROI. </li> <li> 13. Create unprecedented opportunity for Financial growth with DMPE. How many other solutions do you currently market that retail for around $2,000 and earnmore than 30% profit margin? eDist Business is inviting a small group of partners and will be providing a detailed businessplan and sponsoring up to $3,000 of FREE marketing to get you started. There is no risk, onlyreward. </li> <li> 14. The benefits of partnering with eDist Business: Order Entry Automation with 24 A diverse inventory mix covering hour access to real time inventory every aspect of Voice Processing Solutions The Same day order fulfillment with the damn will break in 2013 with most Next Day Zone delivery analog devices sold out . capabilities for your clients. eDist Business can assist you in Access to Marketing programs Marketing, Selling and Servicing designed to produce a quick ROI to as the Authorized R...</li></ul>