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Becca’s Bows . By: Rebecca Macareno Period 2. Becca’s Bows  . Commercial. http:// Magazine Ad. Becca’s Bows Makes Life Better . Why bows?. Perfect competition vs. Oligopoly Too much food competition Produced a differentiated product - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Beccas Bows

Beccas Bows By: Rebecca MacarenoPeriod 2Beccas Bows

Commercial Magazine Ad

Beccas Bows Makes Life Better Why bows?Perfect competition vs. Oligopoly Too much food competition Produced a differentiated productThere wasnt much bow competition Making bows is funIt wasnt stressful makingEasy to sell to my consumers (girls)I didnt have to bug them to buy some

The Bows Purpose Make girls hair fun In an inexpensive wayMake them more confident about their hairShare the gift of bows

My GoalI wanted to make back at least half of the money I spent on supplies (ribbon, hair ties, etc.)I wanted to create a good credibility My costumers create hypeMy costumers become loyal I wanted to have fun in the process

Demand Schedule?PricingNot a lot of people were producing bows so I was able to create the price If there was more competition, I would change the price

The Cost1 wide & 12 ft longHot pink ribbon1 wide & 9 feet longLight pink ribbon Pink threadNeedle Hair bands Total cost: $4

The labor8 minutes to..Form the bowPrepare thread and needleSow to the hair bandDo finishing touches

Oligopoly Small number of sellers Large amount of market powerPrice maker

Effect on the Profit Since I was able to create the price..My business was very cost-effective Cost to produce bow $.15Profit was $1.85 per bow

Costumer Reviews 95% costumer satisfaction 1 mishap (a hair tie broke)Most would recommend the bows to a friend Most would buy bows again Sole Proprietor Advantages One person in charge (Me) Easy to manageDid not have to share profit with partners

Disadvantages Unlimited liability Responsible for all the businesss lossesI had to do all the laborWhy not another business organization?Partnership Bands and Bows My partners did not put in workI created all my bowsThey did not create their headbands I wanted all the profitI decided to leave them

Success or Failure?Success..It cost $0.15 for each bow plus 8 minutesProfit of $1.85 per bow soldI did not have to share profitIt was lots of fun

Real World?I would compete in a monopolistic competition..Hire more workersIncrease the supply of needed materialMake normal bows and specialize in holiday bows

Do you want a bow? Catch me around schoolWhat type of bow?Color?Size?By when?Cost? $2