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Beautify Your School. Leaders:. Austin Martin. Emily Wilson. Taylor Joslin. The Problem. Unappealing Area Flowerbed full of weeds, leaves, dead plants, and trash Torn up border Path unfilled Area not maintained. The Question. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Beautify Your SchoolLeaders:Austin MartinEmily WilsonTaylor Joslin


Unappealing AreaFlowerbed full of weeds, leaves, dead plants, and trashTorn up borderPath unfilledArea not maintained

The ProblemThe QuestionHow can we make an important contribution to our school?The AnswerBy restoring and beautifying the neglected north side of the schoolWhy?Show school administration that we care our about school environment

Create a positive image for the school without even walking in the doors

Love gardening & have lots of experience

Benefits of School BeautificationFriendlier learning environment

Linked to increased test scores

Teaches responsible behavior

Provides a better overall image for the school

MaterialsTrowelsBucketsFlowersAnnualsPerennialsRakesPebblesStepping StonesPruning Shears

What We Did

Led volunteers

Removed trash

Trimmed shrubsRemoved dead plants

Buried the damaged edgingLaid new path of pebbles & stepping stonesPlanted flowers

The End Result

How It HelpedAppealing area

Reflects positively upon the schools green image

Relaxing area that students and faculty can use to socialize and enjoy nature

Thank You!Not Pictured: Hannah Robinson, Taylor Joslin, Austin Martin, Emily Wilson