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Beautiful Indian Wedding And Wedding DressesBy : Rent2cash

You might have seen Indians getting married and they were probably wearing Indian wedding Sari , Ghaghra Choli, Gown, Lehenga, Lancha, Wedding Salwar etc. India is a large country and has different cultures and traditions when it comes to getting married. The wedding dresses will have to depend on the culture of the place. The wedding dress will vary on the region that you are in.

A bride is the most sought after person at any wedding, no matter which region or religion she belongs to. Each eye patiently waits for a glimpse of the bride, and everyone awaits her arrival with bated breaths, and rightly so. So go ahead, and take a look at some of the beautiful bridal looks from across India which show how diverse our country is:

The North Indian BrideThe quintessential north Indian bride is decked in bright colours, usually red, that denotes prosperity and happiness, and is considered to be highly auspicious.

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The Punjabi BrideThe beautiful Punjabi bride essentials include similar paraphernalia that makes a typical Hindu wedding. Mehendi being a really important element, the bride adorns it on her hands and feet.

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The Sikh BrideThe pretty Sikh bride can be seen wearing either alehengaor an embellishedsalwar kameezin a vibrant colour. She also wearskalireand achoodathat are an important part of most Punjabi and Sikh weddings.

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The Kashmiri BrideKashmiri brides are said to be really beautiful, in fact as beautiful as Kashmir itself. They usually wear apheran, akalpush-the headgear, along with traditional jewellery.

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The Marathi BrideYellow, green, red and purple are considered to be really auspicious, and the brides usually wearpaithanisarees in these colours. Themundavalyais a unisex ornament worn by both the bride and the groom. It's usually a two-stringed pearl across the forehead, with two strings dangling on the sides as well.

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The Bihari BrideBihari brides usually go for yellow and red sarees, with a good amount of gold jewellery, and anodhniin yellow colour that is given to the bride by her maternal uncle. It denotes prosperity and is quite common in the northern region of the country.

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The Bengali BrideThe Bengali bride wears a traditional saree in red or maroon, with intricatezariwork. Just like themehendi, bengali ladies adorn their feet withaalta- a red pigment. Their forehead is painted with red and white designs and for the final finish, they wear amukut- a headgear adorning the hair.

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The Assamese Bride

Assamese weddings are as exotic and beautiful as the land itself. An Assamese bride wears amekhla chadarin an off-white colour embossed with elaborate designs in gold. It looks very much like a saree, but is actually two or three different pieces that make the wedding ensemble.Image source :

The Gujarati BrideRed is the colour that usually adorns a Gujarati bride. She wears agharchola, a saree with a white base and red designs (usually, big checks), wrapped in the unique gujarati style.Image source :

The Odiya BrideThe Odiya bride wears either a lehenga or a saree in rich colours like red, maroon or orange with fine gold jewellery.Aaltaadorns her feet, and a head wear rests on her skull, very similar to the Bengali one.Image source :

The Rajasthani BrideA traditional Rajasthani bride wears a heavyghagra choli, with elaboratezariwork, and the populargotta pattiwork. The jewellery includes a choker known asAadandRakhri, the circularmaang tika.Image source :

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