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<p>African necklace</p> <p>Beaded jewelry How can one fail to mention that beads can be styled in just about any way a person wishes? The jewelry can be worn to work and to a cocktail party later on after work. Whether it is winter or summer, it does not matter because you can find a beaded jewelry piece that will accentuate the beauty of your outfit. The versatility of bead jewelry sells it out. People stuff their jewelry boxes with nothing but jewelry beads and more jewelry beads. </p> <p>African products There are so many things that you can use for the interior design activity that you are planning. Somehow the world seems to be more colorful with each passing day. As such, there are multiple colors for you to select from. On top of that there are many design themes to be select from- thousands of them. Using African products is quickly becoming the in-thing for many people across the globe.</p> <p>Zulu art Meticulously woven beads in a blast of colors in zulu art empowers them to the world of creations. Traditional designs of beaded accessories have become very popular globally. </p> <p>Contact DetailsStrictly by appointment only.45 Walmer RoadWoodstock, Cape Town 7925South AfricaTel/Fax: 021 447 8070Fax to email: 086 218 1514Cell: 082 924 9403website :- </p>


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