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Created in late 2011, Altheia provides the best the mobile Internet has to offer at the best price. Through its Be-Bound solution, Altheia lets everyone have access to the best of the Internet anytime, anywhere by using the only networks found throughout the world: the 2G network. For additional information: Join our community and follow our news on Facebook ( and Twitter (


1. PRESS CONTACTS: Ketchum Bastien Rousseau / Elsa Portal Tel : +33 1 56 02 35 05 / +33 1 53 32 64 66 Introducing Be-Bound, The First Solution for Staying Connected to the Mobile Internet Anywhere in the World At LeWeb Paris 2012, Altheia launched a new smartphone application that lets users connect to the Internet anywhere in the world without the need for cellular (3G or Edge) or Wi-Fi data, starting at only 3!Paris December 4th Starting today, Altheia is preparing to revolutionize the waySmartphones connect to the Internet.The new French startup introduced a preview of its service, Be-BoundTM, which is also in therunning for the best enterprise project presented at LeWeb Paris Exhibition (December 4-6).Connect to the Internet without cellular data (3G or Edge) or Wi-Fi using SMS!Whether or not it wins the competition, Altheia is sure to have an impact and create buzz withBe-BoundTM, its newly introduced service.The concept is simple. It provides users with Web access from their Smartphone whereverthey are and at very affordable cost. Today, only 14% of the world is equipped with 3G,Edge, or Wi-Fi connectivity.Utilizing the existing 2G network that covers 86% of the planet and an applicationdownloaded to their Smartphone, users can now experience mobile access to the Internetfrom anywhere.If youre traveling abroad for business or pleasure, or if youre a Smartphone user who simplywants Web access in an area that does not have 3G or Edge or even Wifi coverage, thisservice will meet your needs.Be-Bound provides an innovative product/service benefit through the use of a technologythat relies on a Cloud platform and SMS as the data transport layer. Operation is as simpleas clicking on a button.The user downloads the free Be-BoundTM application (first of all available for AndroidSmartphones), then purchases credits (Be-Miles) to connect. In this way, users avoid excessdata consumption and out-of-control billing charges. 2. Avoid out-of-control billing charges with Be-MilesTo connect to the Web from your smartphone when abroad, you no longer need access to anexpensive 3G, or Edge or Wifi network. Once the Be-BoundTM application has beendownloaded, you purchase (with PayPal, Allopass, or CC) credits called Be-Miles. These aresold in packs (3 = 35 Be-Miles, 6 = 100 Be-Miles, and 10 = 200 Be-Miles) to which isadded the cost of the SMS, leading to a savings of 50 to 95% over existing 3G rates.Purchased Be-Miles are spent whenever you use a Web-based service or application withBe-BoundTM.A request automatically generates an SMS message, which is sent to the Be-BoundTMWoMTP server. The server accepts and processes the data and then transmits it, again bySMS, to complete your connection to the requested Web services.Using the new Be-BoundTM application, users can now access a wide range of services fromany geographic location in the world: e-mail, Web search, weather, stock news, hotel andrestaurant informationExcluding potential network connection problems, Be-BoundTM allows users to avoid billingproblems. Excess charges can easily be run up when accessing traditional Web servicesfrom abroad. With Be-Bound you control your data consumption.A service that can keep pace with the growth of Internet usageIn view of the figures for the growth of Smartphone hardware and mobile Internet use in theWorld, Be-BoundTMs success is a near certainty; the new French startup Altheia should soonbe one of the most popular companies in its field.In fact, the latest study by Strategy Analytics on mobile Internet use Worldwide (3Q 2012)indicates that more than a billion people own a smartphone, showing an increase of morethan 40 percent over 2011. IDC even showed that more people surf the Web on Smarpthoneand tablets than PCs, for the first time ever.So we need to ask ourselves: will Altheia with its Be-BoundTM solution revolutionize Internetuse for travelers to foreign countries? Survey institutes dont (yet) measure this databecause, until now, there has been no reason to do so. But starting today, users might bemuch more inclined to make use of the mobile Internet when traveling abroad.About Altheia & Be-BoundCreated in late 2011, Altheia provides the best the mobile Internet has to offer at the bestprice. Through its Be-BoundTM solution, Altheia lets everyone have access to the best of theInternet anytime, anywhere by using the only networks found throughout the world: the 2Gnetwork.For additional information: our community and follow our news on Facebook and Twitter.