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  • BC Childrens Hospitals

    Health Literacy Team:

    Tools and Strategies to Support

    Children, Youth, Women and Families

    Meagan Colenutt, Project Manager

    Meredith de Freitas, Project Manager

    Disclosure: Neither presenter has any actual or potential conflict of interest in relation to this presentation.

  • What is Mental Health Literacy?

    It is the knowledge & beliefs which assist in the:

    Prevention Recognition Management

    of mental health or substance use challenges .

  • Aims to enhance the mental health and substance use literacy of children, youth, women and families in BC by: Researching, consolidating, developing and translating information

    and resources in a range of formats

    Disseminating information and resources using a variety of communication channels

    Supporting, educating and sharing information and resources with those who work with children and youth in BC

    Developing and participating in networks and communities of practice, and collaborating with key partners and stakeholders

    Providing peer support and assisting with navigation of the mental health care system

    The Health Literacy Team

  • Integrated Provincial Strategy to Promote Health Literacy in Mental Health and Addiction in BC (2007)

    A capacity building initiative to support the implementation of a best practice framework to improve public understanding and reduce the stigma related to

    mental health and substance use problems

    Provincial Strategy

  • Geographic reach

    Plain language

    Various channels/vehicles/settings

    Stakeholder engagement

    Cross-cultural / equity lens

    Monitoring & evaluation

    Key Dimensions of Quality


    Appropriateness Acceptability

  • The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre

    Resources for Youth & Young Adults

    School-Based Mental Health Initiatives

    Healthy Living Initiatives

    Cross-Cultural Mental Health Initiatives

    Eating Disorders & Healthy Weights Initiatives

    Other: Networks & Partnerships

    Learning Links: Enhanced Learning Series in CYMH

    Reproductive Mental Health

    Mental Health Literacy Initiatives

  • Examples of Initiatives - Websites


  • Balancing Our Minds Youth Summit

    Examples of Initiatives - Events


  • Examples of Initiatives - Tools


  • What has the Impact been?

    I liked that I heard many stories from youth and it helped me understand that I am not alone.

    Participant from BOM 2015

    I just want you to know what youre doing is truly inspiring and so appreciated. Its really nice knowing there are people out there that have gone through what were going through and are willing to help us. It gives me hope that its possible to get better. So thank you.

    Feedback to a Youth Peer Support Worker

    2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015

    Website Visits Visits Visits

    Keltymentalheath.ca 87,788 136,860 165,386

    Keltyeatingdisorders.ca 10,735 27,984 71,797

    mindcheck.ca 77,879 80,157 103,621

    Visits to the Health Literacy Team Websites, 2012-2013 to 2014-2015

    In 2014-2015, there was a total of 2,838 contacts (email, in person, phone) made throughout BC to the Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre, up from 2,269 in 2013-14.

  • Improve provincial reach

    Connect with new audience groups

    Sustain and expand current initiative areas

    Priority Areas Moving Forward

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