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  • BAYVIEWProject Prole

  • A beautiful 1940s timber home had its backyard transformed through the use of natural materials and clever design

    elements. The design brief was to create an illusion of space, to provide an interesting and innovative feel to

    the backyard.


  • LED strips feature around the edges of the concrete pads. Lighting is used to highlight the Bluestone. A raised deck to provide views of the

    space as well as pool lighting to really light up the space at night.

  • Melbourne 03 9555 3565 | Geelong 03 5255 3800 |

  • The fence is another interesting element to the project. Being powder coated steel, the palings were put together in one metre pieces by a steel engineer and the challenge for the Kiama team

    was to ensure they were installed correctly so the vertical illusion was carried through.

  • Melbourne 03 9555 3565 | Geelong 03 5255 3800 |