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    MEETING DATE July 21, 2015 VOTING SELECTION PANELISTS JD Beltran, President, Arts Commission Kimberly Brandon, Port of San Francisco Commissioner William Bulkley, Landscape Architect, Department of Public Works Helene Fried, Public Art Consultant Melorra Green, Curator for Inquiry and Impact, SOMArts Cultural Center Lizzetta LeFalle-Collins, Independent Writer, Artist, Curator, Museum Consultant Shirley Moore, Community Representative Ron Moultrie Saunders, Community Representative Nathan Watson, Executive Director, Public Glass PROCESS The following artists presented an overview of their practice and proposals for the Bayview Gateway public art opportunity: Seyed Alavi Flaming Lotus Girls Cliff Garten Presentations were followed by discussion and voting. VOTING CRITERIA The panelists were asked to rank each of the artists and artwork proposals 1, 2, or 3 (1=highest rank) taking into consideration the following criteria:

    – Aesthetic quality – Appropriateness of the proposed artwork for the site and project goals – Demonstrated feasibility of the preliminary proposal and the proposal budget – Demonstrated maintainability and durability of the artwork’s design, materials, fabrication

    and installation methods – Result of reference checks

    RESULTS OF VOTING TALLY Cliff Garten 14 Flaming Lotus Girls 18 Seyed Alavi 22 ARTS COMMISSION APPROVAL

    Motion: Motion to approve the selected artist Cliff Garten and the artist’s conceptual proposal for the Bayview Gateway, as recommended by the Bayview Gateway Public Art Project Selection Panel.

  • Motion: Motion to authorize the Director of Cultural Affairs to enter into contract with artist Cliff Garten, for the design and implementation of an artwork in an amount not to exceed $445,000.

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