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for my psychology blockbuster project


<ul><li> 1. BATMAN AND THE 5 STAGES OF GRIEF A Death in the family by Jon Davis </li></ul> <p> 2. DEATHS IN THE BAT FAMILY: A BACKSTORY It is common knowledge that there is batman and robin. What isnt so common is that batman has had multiple robins throughout the years. Sadly some of his robins have also died. The first to die was Jason Todd, the second robin at the hands of the joker. This crippled batman emotionally. More recently Damian Wayne his biological son was killed by Talia. Batman at this point was torn between grief and the belief that since Jason was resurrected so could Damian. This however only deepened his madness and resentment. 3. THE 5 STAGES OF GRIEVING The Kbler-Ross model, or the five stages of grief, is a series of emotional stages experienced when faced with impending death or death of someone. The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. 4. DENIAL At first Batman couldnt believe that Damian Wayne had died. He was grief stricken and in the memory of how Jason Todd was revived via the Lazarus pit batman didnt truly take in how his son was truly dead. 5. ANGER He couldnt accept that Damian was gone. What further angered him was that everyone kept telling him to accept the loss and that Damian couldnt be brought back. At this point he became more brutal when crime fighting even nearly killing people. 6. BARGAINING Being aware that Jason was resurrected by the Lazarus pit, Batman proceeded to search out Jason forcing him to relive his tragic past and even tried to find Frankenstein in order to revive his dead son. 7. DEPRESSION Being aware that nothing he could try will bring back his dead son batman goes into depression. It gets so far as that he even takes out his sorrow when crime fighting and nearly beats a few criminals to death. 8. ACCEPTANCE Batman now understands that he has to accept that his son is gone. In his pursuit of justice he has lost a lot of people he cared about and there were unfortunate events that transpired as well. Still Gotham needs him and he will push on, and until he is fully recovered his old partners always drop in to keep a watchful eye. 9. CONCLUSION The stages of grief Batman experiences are fairly similar to The Kbler-Ross mode. Even though he is a comic character the artists try to portray him as accurate as possible to a real person. It is my belief that in this way the correlation between The Kbler- Ross model and batman regarding the grieving of his loss is very similar. 10. REFERENCES Wikepidia on The Kbler-Ross model Comics on Batman, Batman and robin, a death in the family saga, batman inc, and a few other comics as reference material as well as the under the red hood movie for Jason todd.. </p>