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Bathroom Lighting Are you looking to completely re-design your bathroom and don't know where to start? Use our most recent presentation to help you! Designing a room within your home can be extremely difficult and we understand that. Therefore, this slideshow will provide you with a bunch of useful tips to help you with your home improvement. These tips include how to save space in your bathroom, creating different moods through lighting and what wall designs can help add an extra layer to the ambiance of your bathroom! For more information and for a great range of bathroom lighting products, visit our website:


  • Bathroom Lighting Creating your Bathroom Design
  • Bathroom Lighting o Re-designing your home can be extremely difficult, especially when it comes to your bathroom. o Installing the perfect bathroom lighting to suit your design can make all the difference to the mood of your home o It is important to make sure that your lighting matches your bathroom dcor and that your interior design is both attractive and space saving
  • Bathroom Design o When it comes to deciding upon an outstanding bathroom design, it is important to make sure that you have enough freedom of space within the room o Therefore, attempt to create a design that is both attractive and space saving o Try to install a shower over the bath. One idea is to install a mini free-standing bath with a shower over the bath and a curtain around it
  • Bathroom Design o Rounding the edges of the sink, toilet and shower is an easy way to make the space feel bigger o Another space-saving idea is to use a wall-mounted tap over the sink, as you can fit in a much smaller sink this way o Another idea is to install a bar onto the outside of the shower door to hang your big bath towels from o Alternatively, store the bulk of your towels in the airing cupboard and just use a few wall-mounted hanging rails in the bathroom to save storage space
  • Bathroom Design o One of the easiest and most stylish ways to make your small bathroom feel bigger is to use a large print or pattern on the wall o This can actually trick the eye of your guests, making the room look wider o The most effective pattern for this technique is the horizontal stripe. The walls will look wider whilst the square footage stays the same
  • Bathroom Lighting o Some bathrooms don't have windows, so bathroom lighting becomes a really important factor o Installing spotlights will keep everything within your bathroom looking shiny and sparkly. You could also include shaving lights around the mirror o A great way to make your bathroom feel bigger and to make the most of your bathroom lighting scheme, is to extend the mirror from the sink across the wall. o This will bounce light around the room and make everything seem bigger and brighter
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