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Visit our site for more information on Toilet Design Singapore.Toilet design Singapore have become a focal point of designers. You can increase the space by using specially designed furniture that doesn't take up too much space and is functional as well. That would drawer units, sink vanity units, cabinets etc. All those things that can be mounted on the wall. You should match toilet fittings with bathroom fittings. Mirrors placement should also be taken care of.



2. INDEX 2 Topic Page No Bathroom Accessories Singapore 3 Welcome To Lights N Showers 3 Toilet Accessories Singapore 5 Bathroom Gallery 5 Toilet Design Singapore 6 Toilet Bowls Singapore 7 6 Ideas To A Beautiful Budget Friendly Bathroom 7 Toilet Bowl Singapore 8 Toilet Seat Cover Singapore 9 3. BATHROOM ACCESSORIES SINGAPORE 3 Welcome to Lights N Showers Established in 2013, Although we are a young and vigilant team, our team is equipped with the necessary interior design creativity and concepts, and of course with the mission of bringing only the finest products and accessories finishing for your interior. Understanding the competition of this industry, Lights N Showers pledge to provide our clients with the most competitive price of our products, utmost excellent and unforgettable customer service experience. Our after sales services include: - Full on site warranty for most lightings we carry - Full on site servicing for our sanitary wares. Visit Our Showroom for Bathroom Accessories Singapore 4. 4 Having our own groups of in-house professional plumbers and electricians, we provide a one stop full service for your accessories consultancy and warranty. At Lights N Showers, our motto is to provide the highest quality, most efficient bathroom, kitchen and lighting accessories for all your home makeover experiences. Visit our Showroom for best Bathroom Accessories Singapore BATHROOM ACCESSORIES SINGAPORE 5. TOILET ACCESSORIES SINGAPORE 5 BATHROOM GALLERY Visit our website for more Information on Toilet Accessories Singapore 6. TOILET DESIGN SINGAPORE 6 Visit our website for more Information on Toilet Design Singapore 7. TOILET BOWLS SINGAPORE 7 6 Ideas To A Beautiful Budget Friendly Bathroom Click for more information on Toilet Bowls Singapore Whether you have a big or small bathroom, the cost of having a beautiful and impressive bathroom can be expensive. Nonetheless, there are ways to beautify a room without spending too much on your budget. With creativity and effort, you are your own interior designer. Here are 6 steps towards a bathroom of your dream. 1. Plan and Choose The first step to a budget friendly bathroom renovation is colour. Colour affects the mood and ambience. Before starting on your bathroom project, think about the colour of your future bathroom. 2. Paint It Yourself After deciding the right colour scheme, now its the time to put it into action. Make sure you balance everything in and not overwhelm the space. You can incorporate other colours and accessories that will complement each other. Rugs or curtains are cheap alternatives. 8. TOILET BOWL SINGAPORE 8 We are the best in Toilet Bowl Singapore 3. Create a Focal Point In every space there must be a focal point and bathroom is not exempted from this principle. Instead of spending on expensive designs, you can simply put wall art or tiles with unique design on specific wall. Even frames can be a great focal point for the bathroom. 4. Look for Discounts When shopping for bathroom accessories opt for discounted stuffs or visit any yard or garage sale. Vases, rugs, toilet accessories and other decorative items can be found in garage sales at a very cheaper price. 5. Visit an Art Store Sometimes the best stuffs can be found in an art store. Baskets and other cute storing box are cheap and come in different shapes and sizes. Use these baskets to store towels and toiletries. 6. Fix the Fixtures If your budget does not permit you to buy new cabinets and bathroom fixtures, simply update it. You can find cheap fixtures in any hardware stores in town. If you need a specific colour, simply paint it. Little details can uplift the ambience of the room significantly. 9. 9 Visit our website for more on Toilet Seat Cover Singapore TOILET SEAT COVER SINGAPORE 10. BATHROOM ACCESSORIES SINGAPORE 10 Connect Us Through: