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Basic playing rules and principals of Atomic Touch (C) WTA. Atomic Touch is a fast-paced, multi-directional game which can be played indoors. It has similarities to Touch, Rugby, Netball and Basketball and is an ideal way to introduce people to Touch and / or Rugby.


  • 1. MODULE AT1:Basic Rules of Atomic Touch

2. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingWhat is Atomic Touch Developed in 2012 by WTA Not played anywhere else in the world Similarities to TNZ Turbo Touch Informal sport emphasis on fun and expression Skill-based sport using oval-shaped ball Invasion, non-collision game multi-directional Combines elements of Touch, basketball & netball, rugby,basketball & ultimate (frisbee) Easy to learn & start playing 3. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingBasics Field of PlayScorelin30m50m15m3mInterchangeInterchangeFIGURE 1: TouchdownZones beyond the end-linesTouchdown ZoneField of Play30mx15m similar tonetball/ basketballcourtIndoors or Outdoors 4. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingBasicsGame Duration4 x 6 minute quarters with 1 minute break between quartersCan be varied to suit local conditionsBall: Size 4 rugby ball; size 3 for Juniors (U12)Footwear:Indoors: TrainersOutdoors: Trainers or Moulded sole/ plastic blade boots 5. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingTeam CompositionFIVE players on the field at any one timeMaximum 10 players per squadUnlimited substitutions via interchange boxTeams of 6/7 players encourages maximumparticipationMixed teams maximum of 3 males or minimum of 1 on the field at alltimes 6. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingATTACKING AIMAdvance the ball towards the touchdown zone by running withthe ball & passing to a team-mateBall can be passed, flicked, handed, knocked, thrown in ANYDIRECTION Forwards, backwards, sidewaysMax 3 successive touches to score touchdown or turnoverpossessionOption to increase to 4 touches for junior/ inexperiencedplayersScore touchdowns by grounding the ball within the touchdownzone. No diving to score Touchdown worth 1 point 7. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingDEFENSIVEAIMTouching ball-carrier in order to:Prevent attacking team advancing towards touchdownzonePrevent attacking team scoring in touchdownTHE TOUCHSimilar to that in Touch (rugby)Any (legal) contact between ball carrier & defender 1 or 2handsMinimal Contact to be used attacker & defender 8. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingAFTER EACH TOUCH THE TAP-BALLBall-carrier performs tap-ball AT THE POINT OF TOUCHImmediately tap the ball on the floor, without releasing theballPlayer must be stationary whist performing the tap-ballImmediately after Tap-ball is performed:2x2x2 rule is enforced 9. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingAFTER THE TAP-BALL 2x2x2 RULE2: At the tap-ball: all defenders to retreat 2 metres from thetap-ball cannot encroach until play is deemed LIVE2: Players have 2 seconds to restart the game by either:Passing the ball to a team-mateRunning with the ballIf play has not re-started in 2 seconds play is deemed LIVE2: If ball-carrier choses to run with the ball, once they havetaken 2 steps play is deemed LIVE 10. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingDuring PlayAttacking teams have maximum of three* touches before achange of possession occursIn any one set of possession, 2 passes must be completedin order for the touchdown zone to be deemed openThis includes interceptionsAttacking teams attempting to score or enter the touchdownzone before it is open will be penalisedDefending teams attempting to enter the touchdown zonebefore it is open will be penalised 11. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingCommencement/ Re-commencement of PlayEach quarter shall commence/ re-commence play with a tap-ball in the centre of the courtNon-scoring team to re-commence play with a tap-ball in thecentre of the court following a touchdownRest of attacking team may stand anywhere on the courtexcept in either Touchdown ZoneDefending team may stand anywhere on the court except ineither Touchdown Zone and within 2m of centre pass player 12. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingAll infringements/offences Play re-starts with Tap-Ball & Tap-count re-startsAfter 3rdTouch change of possessionWhen ball goes to ground lost control or knocked downOverstepping when tap-ball is not performed on the markWhen the ball goes out of play sideline or dead-ballPassing after being Touched Touch and PassExcessive force in the TouchDelaying the Tap-Ball 13. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingAll infringements/offences Play re-starts with Tap-BallDefender encroaches within 2metres of tap-ball before playbecomes LiveDefender claiming Touch when not made PhantomWhere Defender or Attacker enters Touchdown zone beforezone is deemed open- Tap-ball performed in most advantageous to non-offendingside. ie from point of pass or point of entry to Touchdown zone 14. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingTouched while scoringIf player is touched before grounding ball in Touchdown zone:No score is awarded & Touch will countAttacker must retreat 2 metres outside touchdown zone inany directionBall-carrier performs a Tap-ballBall-carrier may not score directly must pass the ball first 15. MODULE AT2:Basic Principles of Play 16. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingPrinciples of Play In AttackKeep ball moving around the field use entire pitch both widthand lengthLots of off-the-ball movement by attacking teamTriangles & Give and Go Draw defenders out of positionComplete possession sets & use as many of the 3 touches aspossibleMaintain intensity and momentum of play & substitutefrequently 17. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingPrinciples of Play In AttackSupport players to look to find space away from defenders. Ingeneral play & in particular in or near Touchdown zoneAlways try to give options to ball-carrierPlayers to be encouraged to run with the ball after Tap-balland in general play 18. WTA Atomic Touch CoachingPrinciples of Play In DefenceAgree and implement team defensive policyZonal defence responsible for an area of the pitchPlayer marking responsibility for marking specific playerEnsure constant communication between defendersDo not substitute in defenceStay within Touching distance of attacking playersEarly touches are not allowed penalised & re-start with Tap-Ball 19. WTA - Inferno Touch Programme May 2012Benefits of Atomic TouchImproves Agility & Fitness Fast Paced & DynamicGood Cross-Training for other sports Rugby, netball, basketball, football & ultimatePlay indoors or outdoorsMinimal equipment & instruction neededSmall-sided encourages maximum participation 20. WTA - Inferno Touch Programme May 2012Benefits of Atomic Touch - RugbyPlayed with rugby ball focuses on core skillsRunning with a rugby ballPassing & catchingImproves spatial awarenessEncourages good decision-makingEncourages supporting players to look for spaceRequires good team communication in defence