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Online Camera Store Pixetra deals with digital cameras, camcorders, camera accessories of major brands Nikon and Canon and conducts Photography Workshop in India.


  • 1. BASICS OF PHOTOGRAPHY. A Two Day Digital Photography Class for Beginner Photographers At KALPATARU HOBBY CENTER, Palavakkam, Chennai, on December 22nd& 23th, 2012.Learn from an expert who brings more than 30 years career experience as a professional photographer. The class is structured to helpbeginners understand step-by-step the basics of photography and how to best use your camera to shoot good photographs.WHO SHOULD ATTEND:Beginners, especially new-camera-owners, will benefit from this Digital Photography Class. If you have been using a digital camera and areunhappy with the final results, this class will help you use your cameras controls to create good mages every time.WHAT IS COVERED:The light control tools:The three main tools i.e. aperture/ shutter speed/ ISO rating.The effect each tool has in controlling light.And their side-effects.Depth of Field:What is depth of field - how to make it work for you.How to use selective focus.Digital Photography Overview:Whats the difference between film and digital. Is one better?What are the truths and the myths about digital?File Formats:TIFF/ JPEG/ BMP/ RAW - what is the meaning of all this? Which format is better to shoot?What does jpeg or tiff compression do to image files?Shooting RAW vs JPEGs:Is one better than the other?What is digital workflow?Composition tips:Composition rules - learn them and learn to break them.EVENT INFORMATION:WHEN: December 22nd and 23rd 2012 (Saturday and Sunday) 9.30am to 5.30pm.WHERE: KALPATARU HOBBY CENTER, 4/222, East Coast Road, PALAVAKKAM, CHENNAI 600 041.COST: Rs.2450/- for Pixetra Club members. Rs.2950/- for non-members.ONLINE REGISTRATION: CLICK HEREFOR MORE INFO: CALL SETHU AT 0-9382343437 OR SEEMA 0-9600037773 OREMAIL: or kalpataru.chennai@gmail.comWeb: