Basic Networking Tips for Financial Advisors

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<ol><li> 1. Basic Networking Tips For Financial Advisors </li><li> 2. One of the most protable FA marketing methods Is In-Person Networking </li><li> 3. What Every Financial Advisor Should Know About Basic Networking </li><li> 4. Shake Hands Properly Not too hard and not too soft. </li><li> 5. Listen Carefully Recall why you have two ears versus one mouth. </li><li> 6. Use Networking Time Eectively Get there early and stay late. </li><li> 7. Share Prospect Hobbies &amp; Interests Get prior intel on what those interests are. </li><li> 8. Handwritten Notes Very soon after the meeting. </li><li> 9. Use a Drip Marketing Campaign To Keep In Touch Regularly </li><li> 10. No boring Elevator Speeches Tuned out Prospects dont become clients! </li><li> 11. Positive Body Language Relax and SmileOften! </li><li> 12. Focus on them Limit self promotion </li><li> 13. Research Advance research is invaluable. </li><li> 14. Strategize What you want to accomplish beforehand. </li><li> 15. Long Run View HNW relationships can take years to develop. </li><li> 16. Created by Antoinette Rodriguez, MBA Sales and Marketing Consulting for Financial Advisors </li></ol>