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    This program is offered as a correspondence course. It is an ongoing course and you may register at any time. After each lesson the students are required to send each test to Canadian mill Services Association for correction. This keeps us in touch with the student’s progress and enables us to answer any questions the student may have. You have one year to complete this correspondence course.

    At the end of the last lesson the student will be notified to contact Ingrid Shen at Canadian mill Services Association to make arrangements to write the exam.

    Topics Covered

    The course consists of eight (8)) lessons covering the fundamentals of Tallying. Topics include:

    1. Calculating lineal and board footage, net FBM, Cubic footage

    2. Tallying conventions and nomenclature 3. Figuring average width, thickness, and length of

    an order or tally 4. Calculating specified tallies for length and grade 5. Maintaining specified order averages for

    incomplete orders or tallies 6. Figuring with fractional sizes 7. Figuring specified bundle or package tallies 8. Figuring values 9. Correct tally construction methods 10. Moisture content and shrinkage calculations 11. Figuring boxcar capacity 12. Estimating shipment weights 13. Using the metric system in lumber figuring

    The scrutinizing of examinations will be the responsibility of Canadian Mill Services Association.


    Register by filling out the attached registration form and mailing it along with full course fees to the address at the bottom of this pamphlet. All others should make cheques payable to: The Canadian Mill Services Association. Please note: If we are to invoice your employer we must have a purchase order number quoted on the registration form.



    90% and ÿ up 10 points


    CMSA Member $275.00 Non-member $325.00 In-House Course $175.00

    Prices include G.S.T. G.S.T. #R89149389

    There is a $15.00 charge on all N.S.F. cheques.

    Basic Lumber Figuring (Lumber Tallying

    Correspondence course)

    Registration Form PLEASE NOTE!

    In order to be registered, and individual must be assigned an identification number. Recent changes to the Income Tax Act make it illegal to use an individual’s social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) For anything other than tax reporting purposes, unless the individual consents to such use. For your convenience and our’s, Canadian Mill services (CMSA) asks to use your S.I.N. as a personal identification number for registration purposes only and for no other purpose.

    If you agree to allow CMSA to use your S.I.N. to register you, please write your number neatly and sign in the space provided below. Any student not identified by their S.I.N. will be assigned an identity number by CMSA.

    Social Insurance Number - -


    Name (print)

    Home Address

    City Postal Code

    Home Phone



    Job Position

    Have you ever written a CMSA Tally examination?

    Yes No ‘ ‘

    Payment in full enclosed ‘

    Please invoice employer ‘

    P.O. number

    (A P.O. number is required to invoice your employer.)

    Canadian Mill Services Association #200, 601-6th Street New Westminster, BC, V3L 3C1 Tel: (604) 523-1288 Fax: (604) 523-1289

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