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  • Based on the teachings of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada ~ Founder Acharya ~ International Society for Krishna Consciousness

  • Seeking the Blessings of Guru, Gauranga & All the Assembled Vaishnavas

  • rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.4nryanam namaskrtyanaram caiva narottamamdevm sarasvatm vysamtato jayam udrayetTRANSLATIONBefore reciting this rmad-Bhgavatam, which is the very means of conquest, one should offer respectful obeisances unto the Personality of Godhead, Nryana, unto Nara-nryana Rsi, the supermost human being, unto mother Sarasvat, the goddess of learning, and unto rla Vysadeva, the author.

  • nasta-pryesv abhadresunityam bhgavata-sevaybhagavaty uttama-lokebhaktir bhavati naisthikTRANSLATIONBy regular attendance in classes on the Bhgavatam and by rendering of service to the pure devotee, all that is troublesome to the heart is almost completely destroyed, and loving service unto the Personality of Godhead, who is praised with transcendental songs, is established as an irrevocable fact.

    rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.18

  • Section Themes1.2.22 Conclusion of Text 1.2.16 21 (The glories of the Devotional Service)

    1.2.23 - 29 Who is the object of the Devotional Service

    1.2.23 - 25 The Worship of Brahm, Visnu and iva

    1.2.26 - 27 Worship of Visnu-Tattva vs Other demigods

    1.2.28 - 29 Vsudeva is the actual object of worship

  • rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.22ato vai kavayo nityambhaktim paramay mudvsudeve bhagavatikurvanty tma-prasdanmTRANSLATIONCertainly, therefore, since time immemorial, all transcendentalists have been rendering devotional service to Lord Krsna, the Personality of Godhead, with great delight, because such devotional service is enlivening to the self.

  • What is the speciality of devotional service onto Lord r Krsna?The facility for intimate personal contact as in the transcendental pastimes of the Lord at Vrajabhmi. Hence higher transcendentalists are more attracted towards Lord Sri Krsna.Lord Krsna is svayam-rpa the original form of godhead and all other forms are his plenary portions and integrated parts. As confirmed in Brahma Samhita varah paramah krsnahKrsna who is known as Govinda is the Supreme Godhead. He has an eternal blissful spiritual body. He is the origin of all. He has no other origin and He is the prime cause of all causes.rmdi-mrtisu kal-niyamena tisthanI worship Govinda, the primeval Lord, who manifested Himself personally as Krsna and the different avatras in the world in the forms of Rma, Nrsimha, Vmana, etc., as His subjective portions.

  • rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.23

    sattvam rajas tama iti prakrter guns tairyuktah parah purusa eka ihsya dhattesthity-daye hari-virici-hareti samjhreymsi tatra khalu sattva-tanor nrnm syuh


    The transcendental Personality of Godhead is indirectly associated with the three modes of material nature, namely passion, goodness and ignorance, and just for the material world's creation, maintenance and destruction He accepts the three qualitative forms of Brahm, Vishnu and iva. Of these three, all human beings can derive ultimate benefit from Visnu, the form of the quality of goodness.

  • This verse confirms that Lord r Krsna, by His plenary parts, should be rendered devotional service.Brahma, Visnu, Mahesvara, they are the principal directors of the three gunas, hence called gunavatara (The qualitative forms of the Lord).Brahma:Is the deity of rajas (passion). The prison house of the material world is created by Brahm under instruction of the Personality of Godhead. i.e., creation is made possible by the goodness of VisnuVishnu:The Deity of the quality of goodness in the material world is the purusa-avatra known as Ksrodakay Visnu or Paramtm.In charge of sattva-guna activities. Maintenance of the material world is done by Visnu.He is manifested by His millions and billions of integrated forms and separated formsMahesvara (Siva):Is the deity of ignorance. At the end of a kalpa (Brahmas Life) the whole thing is destroyed by iva.

  • What is Ulitmate Benifit ?To get liberated from this prison house of material existence, which is full of miseries like repetition of birth, death, disease and old age.How to get the Ultimate Benefit? By Worship of Lord Krishna or his Plenary Parts (Vishnu-tattva) through devotional service.Why only Vishu and not Brahma / Shiva?Worship of Vishnu:Because Lord Vishu is the source of everything. Hes creator of the secondary creator (Brahma).In fact he creates the modes of nature, through which Brahma does his creation. However, he never comes under the influence of the mode of nature. He controls the modes of material nature.Except for Vishnu, NO other Demigod can release the souls from the Material existance.Pure transcendentalists worship the form of goodness, Visnu, in his various forms by rendering devotional service. Only by such worship they get liberated from the miseries (repetition of birth, death, disease and old age) of the material world. Worship of Brahm & iva:Materialists and the foolish human beings predominated by the Modes of Passion & Ignorance worship Brahm and iva respectively.By such worship they get some relative facilities for temporary relief in the material world.But they can never get liberated from the miseries repetition of birth, death, disease and old age) of the material world

  • rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.24

    prthivd druno dhmastasmd agnis traymayahtamasas tu rajas tasmtsattvam yad brahma-daranam


    Firewood is a transformation of earth, but smoke is better than the raw wood. And fire is still better, for by fire we can derive the benefits of superior knowledge [through Vedic sacrifices]. Similarly, passion [rajas] is better than ignorance [tamas], but goodness [sattva] is best because by goodness one can come to realize the Absolute Truth.

  • bhejire munayo 'thgrebhagavantam adhoksajamsattvam viuddham ksemyakalpante ye 'nu tn iha


    Previously all the great sages rendered service unto the Personality of Godhead due to His existence above the three modes of material nature. They worshiped Him to become free from material conditions and thus derive the ultimate benefit. Whoever follows such great authorities is also eligible for liberation from the material world.

    rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.25

  • The purpose of performing religion is neither to profit by material gain nor to get the simple knowledge of discerning matter from spirit. The ultimate aim of religious performances is to release oneself from material bondage and regain the life of freedom in the transcendental world, where the Personality of Godhead is the Supreme Person. Laws of religion, therefore, are directly enacted by the Personality of Godhead, and except for the mahjanas, or the authorized agents of the Lord, no one knows the purpose of religion.. There are twelve particular agents of the Lord who know the purpose of religion, and all of them render transcendental service unto Him. Persons who desire their own good may follow these mahjanas and thus attain the supreme benefit.

    In a sense, the three forms of Brahm, Visnu & iva are one, How?Lord r Krsna acts through them to create, maintain &destroy the world.

  • Therefore the Great sages knowing that the lord is beyond the modes of material nature worship him to attain the ultimate benefit.Who are those great Sages?Twelve Mahajans who know the purpose of religion and render transcendental service on to the Lord.Following the foot steps of these Mahajans, one attains supreme benefit.Srila Jiva Goswami ExplainsIn Paramatma-Sandarbha, anuccheda 11:Brahm, & iva are the partial expansions of the Supersoul.One should strive to find that Supersoul to attain liberation.In Skanda Purana :Lord Vishnu binds & Unties the soul with ropes of birth & death.Hence, worship of Lord Vishnu Awards Liberation.

    Why Passion is superior to Ignorance?Passion can lead one to goodness, but ignorance can not.Passion can let one come closer to seeing the Supreme. However , it is agitating and troublesome so it does not allow us to see the supreme.

  • rmad Bhgavatam 1.2.26

    mumuksavo ghora-rpnhitv bhta-patn athanryana-kalh ntbhajanti hy anasyavah


    Those who are serious about liberation are certainly non-envious, and they respect all. Yet they reject the horrible and ghastly forms of the demigods and worship only the all-blissful forms of Lord Visnu and His plenary portions.

  • The Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord r Krsna, who is the original person of the Visnu categories, expands Himself into 2 different categories namely integrated plenary portions (Vishnu-Tattva) and separated parts and parcels (Jiva-Tattva).

    Vishnu-Tattva Jiva-TattvaLord Krsnas integrated plenary portions Lord Krsnas separated parts and parcelsIntegrated plenary portions of visnu-tattvas are the worshipful objectsSeparated parts and parcels are the servitorsThe Visnu-tattvas are represented by various names and forms, such as Nryana, Dmodara, Vmana, Govinda and Adhoksaja.All demigods who are empowered by the Supreme Lord are also separated parts and parcels (Jiva-Tattva)The Visnu-tattvas are living beings equally as powerful as the original form of the Personality of Godhead, and they display different categories of power in consideration of different times and circumstancesThe separated parts and parcels (Jiva-Tattva) are powerful by limitation. They do not have unlimited power. They have different positions in the estimation of material powers, and some of them are demi gods like Kla-bhairava, mana-bhairava, ani, Mahkl and CandikWorship of Vishnu-Tattva can give the living entities (Jiva- Tattva) liberation from the miseries of this material world namely birth, death,


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