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THE FIRM Bark & Co is one of the UKs leading fraud and business crime firms. The firms highly-skilled lawyers are committed to providing expert advice at every stage of proceedings. The firms principal aims are to avoid expensive litigation whenever possible and to fight tenaciously to protect its clients interests.


  • 1.Bark & Co SolicitorsLondon, United Kingdom

2. Bark and Co: The Firms Senior Partner: Giles Bark-Jones Partners: 1 Assistants: 29 Other fee-earners: 19 3. THE FIRM Bark & Co is one of the UKs leading fraudand business crime firms. The firms highly-skilledlawyers are committed to providing expert advice atevery stage of proceedings. The firms principal aims areto avoid expensive litigation whenever possible and tofight tenaciously to protect its clients interests.Established in 1996 by Giles Bark-Jones, Bark & Co hasdeveloped into one of the Countrys most progressiveand successful fraud firms. A founder member of theSpecialist Fraud Panel, the firm specialises incommercial and criminal fraud as well as serious crime,business and tax regulation, tax investigations andcorporate obligations associated with health and safetyenforcement. The firm acts for private individuals as wellas national and international companies. 4. It has also established itself as a leader in the field ofcash and asset recovery in both criminal and civilcourts.Bark & Co prides itself on the individual expertise ofits lawyers, the collective strength of its specialistteams and their skill in tailoring advice to match eachclients individual circumstances. Bark & Cosrigorous commitment to quality of advice andpersonalised service has lead to significant workthrough referrals by both clients and other leadinglaw firms. 5. PRINCIPAL AREAS OF WORK Bark & Co handlesa wide range of high-profile white-collar crime andfraud cases, including prosecutions andinvestigations brought by the Serious OrganisedCrime Agency (SOCA), HM Revenue & Customs, theSerious Fraud Office (SFO), the Financial ServicesAuthority (FSA), the Special Compliance Office ofthe Inland Revenue, the Crown Prosecution Service(CPS), Trading Standards and other prosecutingbodies. 6. Corporate & Commercial Fraud: Bark & Co became amember of the Serious Fraud Panel at its inception and isa member of the Very High Costs Cases panel (VHCC)qualified to deal with the most complex of criminalmatters.Acknowledged as one of the leaders in the fieldof corporate and commercial fraud, the firm has defendedagainst many of the major prosecutions brought by theSFO and other government agencies. It hasacknowledged experts in VAT and duties tribunalwork, tax regulation, defence of dutyevasion, moneylaundering and carousel fraud, as well asmortgage fraud, investment fraud, corruption, pensionfund fraud, telecoms fraud, theft, fraudulent trading bycompany directors and Internet fraud. Dedicated teamsalso deal with confiscation and post- and pre-chargerestraint proceedings. 7. Recent important cases include instructions in a highprofile and politically sensitive FSA prosecution ofdirectors (iSoft) in relation to the new NHS IT system andthe defence of the Directors of a Carbon Tradingcompany in an 85m fraud. Other cases include thedefence of two Directors of a specialist division of VantisPLC in a highly publicised case of alleged tax relief fraud.Bark & Co also represents a Managing Director of aprominent international bank involved in alleged insidertrading; this is part of an unprecedented and high profilecrackdown on fraud by the FSA and SOCA; Bark & Coare defending in another FSA prosecution of an alleged11-handed insider dealing fraud involving two prominentinvestment banks and also defended in R v Law, Roberts& Harvey, another high profile SFO prosecutionconcerning fraudulent trading at a subsidiary of AlfredMcAlpine PLC. 8. Criminal: Bark & Co continues to act in high-profilecriminal trials, including cases of murder, moneylaundering, drugs importations, armed robbery andpeople-smuggling. The firm focuses on high-endwork, often involving crime across internationalboundaries and jurisdictions.The firms wide ranging portfolio of cases includes theongoing high-profile case of a private investigatormurdered over 22 years ago in a London pub car park. Atotal of five separate investigations have beenlaunched, involving tens of thousands of hours of policework and utilising long-term intrusive undercoversurveillance.Bark & Co also advise private individuals and nationaland international companies facing investigation orcriminal proceedings as a result of beaches of the Healthand Safety Act, taking cases from pre-charge interviewsthrough to trial. 9. For more information, please see our website. Areas of Practice White-Collar Crime/Fraud: 85% General Crime: 15%


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