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  • A Future-Proof Projection Platformfor Rental & Staging


  • ELM

    BARCOs ELM DLPTM projector platform combines exceptional light output and high resolution

    with advanced signal processing to deliver a remarkable performance break-through for large

    screen video projection.

    Equipped with an innovative Digital Light ProcessingTM (DLPTM) sub-system, including high-

    resolution Digital Mirror DevicesTM (DMDTM), and a state-of-the-art optical system, the ELM projection

    platform delivers an ultra high light output up to 12,000 ANSI lumen. Its extreme ruggedness, its

    high degree of modularity and innovative features make BARCOs ELM DLP projector platform the

    ultimate display for the most demanding Rental and Staging applications.

    the Extreme Light Machine


  • A Performance Break-through

    for Digital Large Screen Display

  • ELM Projection PlatformBARCOs Future-Proof



    S-XGA 12.000lumen






    *Potential future deve

  • Advanced Modular Architecture


    High demanding markets, such

    as Rental & Staging are

    continuously relying on the most

    advanced technologies. With an

    eye to the future, BARCO

    designed a projector platform

    that is not only compatible with

    todays standards, but also with


    Using the modular concept of

    BARCOs ELM Series rental

    companies can easily adapt the

    projection system to the

    requirements of their customers.


    Different Lamp ModulesThe chassis can accomodatedifferent lamp modules to meetthe brightness or powerrequirements of variousapplications

    Modular Power SupplyUp to three lamp power suppliescan be fitted to meet future lamppower requirements.

    Switching Panel ResolutionThe platform is designed toinclude todays as well as futureDLPTM modules.

    Accomodate any InputFormatThe system can easily be updatedto meet the input requirementsof the customer. The ELM series are equippedwith two digital input slots toaccomodate any current or futuredigital source format The ELM series come standardwith 2 analog inputs and one SDI(Serial Digital Input).

    Easy Service andMaintenance Innovative internal architectureand fast removable side panelsensure easy service andmaintenance, even in stackedconfigurations. The lamphouse can be changedin less than 2 minutes andfeatures a unique memorymodule, allowing the projectorto adapt to the lamp properties.

  • BARCOs ELM Series deliver a stunning 12,000 lumen for the ELM R12 and 10,000 lumen for the ELM G10 version.

    Constant Light Output (CLO)CLO allows to get even more out of your platform.This technology maintains the initial maximumbrightness level for a much longer time than anycompetitive projection system.CLO also offers the possibility to link projectors formultiple screen setups, eliminating the possible visibledifferences in light output.

    10,000 12,000 ANSI lumen








    Lamp Life Time

    ELM R12 with CLO

    Current ELM Platform Potential

    ELM R12 without CLO

    Competitive 12,000 lumen Projector










    UnsurpassedLight Output

  • Double and Triple StackedConfiguration No need for additional stackingframes thanks to a ruggedinternal steel frame.

    Unique Interlocking FeatureMakes direct stacking or flying ofup to three projectors possiblewithout tools.

    Motorized Image Shift,Zoom and SkewEnable easy pixel accurate picturealignment even in the mostdemanding applications such asstacked and truss-mountedconfigurations.

    Extended Lens ShiftPossibilitiesThe ELM lens shift range is thebroadest in the market.

    VersatilityLimitless Set-up



    ELM G10 -175%

    Maximum Lens Shift with QLD Zoom Lenses

    ELM R12 -100%

    ELM R12 +100%

    ELM G10 +175%

    ELM G10 160% R

    ELM R12 85% R

    ELM R12 85% L

    ELM G10 160% L

  • Innovative Staging Features

    make life on the road easier

    Fully integrated carryinghandleProvides 360 protection.

    Rollover protectionThis prevents damaging of theELM in unusual mountingconfigurations.

    Optional front and sideforklift chassisFacilitates transport.

    Heavy-duty flight casesare available for ELM Seriesprojectors and for two lampmodules / accessories.

    Illuminated Connector andControl PanelThe side mounted connectorpanel is illuminated to provideeasy access and superior darktime visibility. Heavy-duty XLRconnectors are used to enableRemote Control of the projectorusing standard audio cables.

    Backlit LCD DisplayThe control panel with backlitLCD display enables easy On-Show adjustments withouton-screen display.

    Integrated Rigging Pointsare compatible with standardrigging gear and Doughty-clamps. This enables double ortriple stacking without the needfor a frame, as well as easymounting to any truss system.

    Optional Rigging KitA set of four Doughty clamps,two short and two long U-profiles allow rigging of theprojector in every horizontalposition and on any size trusssystem.

  • Several innovative features andaccessories make the ELM wellprepared for a lifetime on theroad in the most demandingRental and Staging applications.

    Features for Flexible Set-Up A fully integrated carryinghandle and optional front andside forklift chassis attachmentfacilitates transport. A rugged internal steel frameallows double and triple stackedconfigurations without the needfor stacking frames. Integrated rigging points,compatible with standard rigginggear for easy truss mounting. A unique interlocking featureallows direct stacking or flying ofup to three projectors withouttools. Advanced modular constructionand fast access side panels ensureeasy service and maintenanceeven when stacked. Illuminated side connection ofall signal and power inputs Motorized Image shift, zoomand skew for pixel accuratepicture alignment in stackedconfiguration Heavy duty adjustable levelingfeet Rollover protection Built-in Serial Digital Input(SDI/4:2:2) for direct connectionof digital video sources withactive loop-through formonitoring or double and triplestacking applications. Up to 175% vertical or 160%Horizontal Lens Shift when usingBARCOs QLD lenses with ELMG10 Extensive Image Size, Shift andunique digital Keystonegeometry adjustments.

    Versatile Control External auto-diagnostics withback-lit LCD display of 2 lines of24 characters Internal test patterns(crosshatch, color bars,grayscale,...) Pre-calibrated colortemperature selections (3200K,5400K, 6500K, 9300K or custom) Easy firmware upgrade from PCvia RS232 or RS422 input Intuitive on-screen display Multi-level password protection Modular lamp power supplywith automatic redundancyfeature.

    Technical Specifications

    Multifunctional Rigging Point

    Power Connector

    IEC 309

    Fast Interlocking Mechanism

    2 StandardAnalog Inputs

    Motorized Lens

    Heavy DutyLeveling

    FeetStray Light


    Battery for LensRemoval duringPower Shut-Off

    2 Analog Slots

    2 DigitalSlots

    IntegratedCarrying Handle

  • Light OutputELM G10 ELM R12

    Center lumen 11,500 14,000ANSI lumen 10,000 12,000

    Brightness Uniformity:> 90% for the total screen area

    Digital MicroMirror Device3 high resolution DMDs:

    Resolution (pixels) ELM G10 1024 x 768 (XGA)ELM R12 1280 x 1024 (S-XGA)

    LampTypical lifetime: 1000 hours

    Contrast RatioELM G10 ELM R12

    on 5x4 B/W checkerboard>250 :1 >250 :1

    full white/full black>450 :1 >500:1

    Compatibility All current Video sources inComposite, S-VHS, RGB orComponent or Serial Digitalformat All currently proposed HDTV,,extended and improved televisionstandards (1080i, 720p,...) Computers and workstationswith a resolution of up to 1600 x1280 pixels for ELM R12, and 1280x 1024 for ELM G10 Most Macintosh computers Two digital input slots to allowfor direct digital interfacing withcurrent and future digitalstandards

    Lenses Using adaptor rings the ELM iscompatible with all existing XGADLP lenses. BARCOs QLD Serieslenses are recommended andoffer extended shift possibilitieswhen used with the ELM R12.

    LD Lens Type Throw RatioELM G10 ELM R12

    LD (0.8:1) 0.8 0.64LD (1.5-2.5:1) 1.5-2.5 1.2-2.0LD (2.5-4.0:1) 2.5-4.0 2.0-3.2LD (4.0-7.0:1) 4.0-7.0 3.2-5.6

    QLD Lens Type Throw RatioELM G10 ELM R12

    QLD (1.2:1) 1.5 1.2QLD (1.5-2.0:1) 1.9-2.5 1.5-2.0QLD (2.0-2.5:1) 2.5-3.1 2.0-2.5QLD (2.5-4.0:1) 3.1-5.0 2.5-4.0QLD (4.0-7.0:1) 5.0-8.7 4.0-7.0QLD (5.6-12:1) 7.0-15.0 5.6-12.0

    Remote ControlAll controls are accessible througha user-friendly backlit infraredremote control:- Source switching- User settings per source- Installation and serviceadjustments

    Fixed Inputs RGB analog input with standardsync (BNC connectors), sync ongreen or separate sync Multifunctional 5-Cable inputfor the connection of- RGB analog signals withstandard sync (BNC connectors) ortri-level sync, sync on green orseparate sync- Standard Video signals- S-VHS signals RS232 or RS422 loop-throughinput (D9-connector) for PC basedprojector control SDI input (Serial Digital Input) Communication input (D9-connector) for peripherals 3 pin male XLR connector forwired remote (standard remote) 3 pin female XLR connector forbi-directional communication(ruggedized remote)

    Optional InputsTwo additional input slots areprovided for five optional types ofinput modules: Vide