Bank of America Solutions for Exporters What to Expect from Bank of America Merrill Lynch 77 Bank of America ... Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global ... collection or letter of credit, a bank adds

Download Bank of America Solutions for Exporters  What to Expect from Bank of America Merrill Lynch 77 Bank of America ... Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global ... collection or letter of credit, a bank adds

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    Bank of America Solutions for ExportersAn Exporters Guide to Global Trade Services

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    Table of Contents

    An Exporters Guide to Global Trade Services

    1 Introduction to Global Trade Services1 Trade Services

    3 Trade & Supply Chain Solutions

    6 Risks

    12 Export Letters of Credit Defined 13 Letter of Credit Overview

    18 Letter of Credit Parties and Roles

    19 20 Important Characteristics of an Export Letter of Credit

    21 Understand and Control Your Export Letters of Credit

    23 IncotermsInternational Shipping/Trade Terms

    28 A Discussion of UCP 600

    35 A Discussion of the e-UCP(Reference to UCP 500 can be carried over to UCP 600)

    37 Examination of Documents under the UCP 600

    38 Letter of Credit Sample and Comments on Specific Fields

    40 Comments on Specific Fields in Preceding SampleConfirmed Letter of Credit

    45 Payment to a Third PartyTransfers and Instructions to Pay Proceeds45 What Is a Transferable Letter of Credit?

    47 What Are the Options for Transferring an LC?

    47 Transferring the LC

    49 What Are the Benefits and the Risks of Using a Transferable LC?

    50 Confidentiality Issues

    51 Other Considerations

    52 Transferable Letter of Credit Sample and Comments onSpecific Fields

    54 Comments on Specific Fields in Preceding SampleTransferable Letter of Credit

    59 Transferred Letter of Credit Sample

    62 Instructions for Completion of Request for Entire Transfer of Credit without Substitution of Invoices

    64 Instructions for Completion of Request for Partial Transfer of Credit with or without Substitution of Invoices

    66 Redirecting the Proceeds of a Letter of Credit

    67 Instructions for Completion of Instruction to Pay Proceeds

    70 Working with Your Buyer

    76 Working with Your Bank76 Trade Banking

    77 What to Expect from Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    77 Bank of America Export Advice

    78 Understanding Export Letter of Credit Processing

    82 Instructions for Completion ofExport Letters of Credit Document Transmittal Letter





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    The material presented in this guide is for informational purposes only, and is not intended as an exhaustive treatise on international banking, nor is it intended to explore all the possible risks involved in using import letters of credit or other services mentioned.

    Table of Contents

    84 How You Get Paid 84 What is Negotiation?

    85 How Long Does it Take to Get Paid?

    86 Assured and Prompt Payment

    87 Letter of Credit Payment Flowchart and Explanation

    88 Documents Typically Required Under an Export Letter of Credit

    91 Road or Rail Transport Documents

    91 A Detailed Look at Drafts

    92 Discrepancy Resolution

    95 Common Discrepancies in Documents

    94 Reducing Your Days Sales Outstanding onLetter of Credit Payments

    94 Document Presentation Guidelines

    95 Payment MethodsWire, Check, and International Draft

    95 Typical Fees on Export Letter of Credit Transactions

    96 Letters of Credit

    97 Documentary Collections

    99 Document Presentation and Payment for Export Receivables

    101 Collections for Exporters 101 Documentary Collections

    105 Direct CollectionTerms and Conditions for Use

    107 Instructions for Completion of Direct Documentary Collection Form

    109 Bankers Acceptance Financing Under Export Letters of Credit109 Bankers Acceptances

    111 Who Can Finance with Bankers Acceptances?

    114 An In-depth Look at Bankers Acceptances

    120 Financing Options for U.S. Exporters120 Financing with Acceptances or Other Instruments

    122 Supplier Financing

    123 Structured Trade Finance

    128 Glossary






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    Chapter 01Introduction to Global Trade Services

  • Bank of america merrill lynch SolutionS for exporterS 1

    Chapter 01

    Introduction to Global Trade Services

    Trade ServicesWhat do we mean by trade services?Trade is a broad term covering a variety of transactions linked to the export and import of goods. Traditional trade

    services include letters of credit, international collections, and bankers acceptances, as well as short, medium and

    long-term export-related lending.

    What is the history of trade?To understand trade services it is helpful to understand the world of international banking and trade. The economic

    history of man has led us from self-sufficiency to division of labor, from provision of bare necessities to satisfaction

    of sophisticated needs. The primitive caveman attended to his own needs only, but civilization soon progressed to

    a stage in which each man specialized in what he could do best and exchanged his surplus output for that of his

    neighbor. This was the beginning of trade.

    When small city-states developed into nations, the need for trade increased. No nation could supply all of its needs

    with its own resources. Consequently, these small city-states had to begin trading with one another. What may have

    started as barter led to the development of currency, silver and gold coins and eventually to paper notes. Today,

    business is conducted not only domestically but also abroad. As the search for new markets and lower-cost labor has

    led to international commerce, so it has led to finding alternative ways to do financial business overseas. The buyers

    and sellers in international trade are confronted with diverse geographic, social, economic, and political conditions.

    The dynamic interplay of these forces requires the trading partners to assess the risks of the transaction and decide

    how they may be reduced or eliminated.

    What is the primary role of a bank in international trade?The primary role is to provide risk mitigation and financing alternatives to the buyer and sellerergo the creation of

    the letter of credit, post shipment financing, etc.

    What happens in a trade transaction?A seller approaches or is approached by a potential buyer. Trade transactions begin with the negotiation of a contract

    between a buyer and a seller and end with the exchange of goods or services for monetary payment. Why do you need

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Trade Services?

    As noted above, trade can be domestic or international. Clients utilize Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Trade

    Services specifically to overcome the risks of doing business abroad, where the cultures, regulations, and payment

    conventions may differ significantly from those in the United States. In the United States, you could potentially perform

    your own credit ratings for your customers, and, with a sense of security, offer payment terms on an open account

    basis, so that your bank would get involved only in the collection and/or disbursement of funds. Overseas, you need

    greater protection due to dealing with buyers who are less well known, and the potentially limited legal ability to

    collect. Hence, a bank provides up-front financial protection in the form of letters of credit.

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    Chapter 01

    Introduction to Global Trade Services

    What are the methods of payment?Nations, companies and individuals have engaged in trade for centuries and from the beginning have searched for

    the best means of securing payment. Today an exporter has four basic alternatives for obtaining payment for goods

    shipped to a buyer. Each method addresses certain levels of risk for the buyer and the seller.

    Cash in Advance: The buyer pays in advance of shipment of goods or according to the terms, such as cash on delivery. Buyers do not prefer this option because they are out the cash well before they receive the goods.

    Open Account:The seller ships the goods in advance of payment or according to the negotiated terms. In this instance, the seller relies on the buyers good faith that the payment will be made after the buyer has received the


    Letters of Credit (LC): This is a trade finance instrument issued by a buyers bank in favor of a beneficiary/seller, which substitutes the banks creditworthiness for that of the buyer. In a narrow sense, it is a specialized instrument

    used to guarantee payment for a shipment of goods or services from one party to another. An LC is payable against

    conforming documents.

    Collection: There are two types of collections: clean, and documentary.


    Check: Payment by check is typical for domestic open account transactions, but less appropriate for

    international transactions. This is because sellers must give the check to their banks for collection and

    conversion to their home currency, a process that can take three to six weeks. A more satisfactory method

    therefore is the wire transfer; the buyers instruct their banks to arrange for the sellers bank account to be

    credited directly.

    Draft: A draft is an instrument much like an ordinary check in appearance which in this circumstance is used as

    a formal demand for payment. It is also known as a bill of exchange.

    Documentary: A documentary collection provides a buyer and seller with a measure of protection whereby a

    bank intermediates to exchange payment for documents of title to the goods. The collecting bank releases the

    documents, which normally allows the buyer to take delivery of the goods. The bank then either wires the buyers



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