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Banding Together, Branding Together:

Finding Common Ground Through Regional Marketing.

Moderator: Don McEachern North Star Destination Strategies

Terri Glueck Innovation Works

Chuck Peters Iowas Creative Corridor

Carl Graeb CARO Investment Consulting

Cathy Belk JumpStart Inc.

PresenterPresentation NotesMight not be what you want it to be or as far reaching, accurate or positive as you would like for it to be but weve all got one.

Your brand is what they say about you when youre not around.


PresenterPresentation NotesWeve got a little saying for the last 15 years.because Branding has a bit of a branding problem people just associate the practice with a logo and line. Hopefully by end of our time together today youll be better able to articulate the idea of a community brand in a more appropriate context. Branding has to do with reputation. And reputation matters.

The 4 Ps of marketing

Product Place Price Promotion

The 4 Ps of Community Marketing

Politics Politics Politics Politics

The 4 Ps of Community Branding

Passion Passion Passion Passion

PresenterPresentation NotesYou cant help but have a passionate relationship with the place you choose to call home

Logos and lines dont create jobs, passionate people do and passionate people who can articulate what is special about a place create more jobs.

community branding is about engaging people who are naturally passionate about your community and giving them a voice to be champions.

Not all regional brands are successful there has to be a naturally occurring economy cluster AND there has to be a naturally occurring cluster of affinity.

Why is that important.

In fact, peers are the most credible source of company/product info

73% believe what a person like me says about an organization

LEAST CREDIBLE (IN THE US): corporate or product advertising (32% of ages 25-34) SOURCE: Edelman Trust Barometer

PresenterPresentation NotesWhere do people turn? To peers. 73% of those surveyed believe what a person like me says about an organization. This has gone up 10% in one year.

Whom do they believe in least? Marketers, corporations, authority, cities, organizations paid to advance an agenda

Think about that: traditional marketing channels - are the least credible source of information for an entire generation of consumers.

56% of those aged 35-64 and 63% aged 25-34 were likely to share their opinions and experiences about companies they trust or distrust on the web.*

*SOURCE: Edelman Trust Barometer

Peer recommendation isnt just influential. Trust and distrust are widely shared.

PresenterPresentation Notesword of mouth has always been highly influential. But now it is also widely shared.

Social media and networking allow us to spread our word of mouth influence across geographic boundaries. Our Brand Barometer shows that between 56 and 63% of key demographics were likely to share opinions and experiences about companies they trust or distrust online. If they are neutral they dont comment if they are especially pleased OR especially displeased they do

And heres a thought: because of Googles archiving abilities, these opinions transcend the boundaries of time, as well. So a negative opinion posted in 2005 will be easily found in 2011, long after its been corrected.


Highly Complex Environment

Highly Complex Product

Communication Communities

Low Control Low Control

Trust Peer Voices Made up of Peer Voices

People are Media Have an Abundance of Passionate


PresenterPresentation Notes

Most places spend the vast majority of their time being reactive to detractors and very little time working to inspire promoters.

Instead of just REACTING to displeased citizens what are we doing to PROACTIVELY encourage, motivate and facilitating positive people promoters.

So how do you do it well, as you might of guessed from the title it starts with research

Increased competitiveness, resulting in a positive impact on investment, jobs, inhabitants, visitors and events.

Higher returns on investment in real estate, infrastructure and events.

Coherent city development, as the physical, social, economic and cultural aspects combine to deliver the brand promise.

Pride in the city as the inhabitants, businesses and institutions experience a new sense of purpose and direction.


PresenterPresentation NotesThe most exhaustive study is from Eurocities a network organization of 130 of Europes largest cities. In 2011, they commissioned a study to examine the benefits of well integrated place brands those aligned to a common strategy the results.

There is not a simple ROI equation to apply too many variables. It is like a playbook you still have to have the skill, talent, desire and effort from the team but without it your not working together like you could

Local government that goes beyond being providers of information and evolves to be developers of preference are more competitive.

How does a community go about getting the talk right on the street? What does the process look like?

A place brand impacts your reputation by

Gaining a true understanding your communities reputation in a rigorous and scientific fashion Collaborating with business and civic society to agree on a community strategy a narrative of who this community is and where it is going. Maintaining a steady stream of innovative products, services, policies, initiatives and communications in multiple sectors that demonstrates the truth of that narrative.

PresenterPresentation NotesMarketing is demand driven getting your message to the right people at the right time-

Your Brand, at its core, is about place values, which are more philosophical, emotional and less tangible by nature.

Places that have a strong sense of community AND can express what is authentic and distinguishing about their community are more successful recruiting than those that cant recruiting business, talent, investment everything than those that cant.

Community Branding is providing a playbook for developing an authentic sense of community.

Sounds like a lot of works herding some unwieldy cats doesnt it is it worth it?







Brand Identity


Brand Behavior

PresenterPresentation NotesCommunitys that align themselves to a common strategy are more successful than those that dont. How that shakes out in terms of logos and lines and how integrated they are who knows there are a lot of solutions. Start with agreeing on a strategy based on research.

PresenterPresentation NotesColumbus, INPlano, TXVictoria, TXSanta Rosa, CAArlington, TX Columbus, GAFairbanks, AKLake Charles, LAJackson, MIFort Collins, CO Killeen, TX Cedar Rapids, IAAnchorage, AKTexarkana, ARGoshen, IN Mobile, AL Beaumont, TXSpartanburg, SCLima, OHCarslbad, CA (North County, CA)

the region from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City along Interstates 380 and 80 in Americas Heartland

is the conduit for a transformative reaction that sparks knowledge to power, learning to living and dreams to reality

so each individual, each idea, each business and each city is exponentially more successful.

Regional Marketing IEDC Annual Conference




Synch Marketing Objectives To Regions Business Objectives

Examples of Regional Goals: Win federal awards that require multiple partners across broad geography

i6 award o create model for successful university commercialization

JIAC, AMJIAC awards o access economic gains of tech startups in under-served communities

Attract investment, media attention to flyover region

Attract & retain talent

Pivoting a City: Can Startups Help More Than Themselves? ALEXIS C. MADRIGALSEP 25 2012, 4:39 PM ET

October 10, 2012 Federal funds headed toward hardware accelerator A partnership between four regional groups landed $1.9 million in federal funding as part of the Advanced Manufacturing Jobs and Innovation Accelerator Challenge.

Corbett, Pennsylvania legislators announce $80 million fund to invest in startups September 27, 2013 12:37 am

We Succeed When Our Partners Succeed,d.d2k&psig=AFQjCNGekdE1h5rIFZKCXOfq-_jqaUTQ_Q&ust=1380762821968593

Right Message for the Right Audience

Prioritize audiences, tailor plan to reach those few Create and p