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  1. 1. ObjectivesObjectives: What are the health benefits of bananas? Fact or Myth: Do Ripe Bananas Fight Cancer? Is Eating Too Many Bananas Bad for You?
  2. 2. Depression & MoodDepression & Mood Bananas can be helpful in overcoming depression due to high levels of the Amino acid Tryptophan, which the body convert to Serotonin, Serotonin is associated with mental stabilization such as sleep, has anti-depression and anti-anxiety effects. Dopamine (Walker and Shulman et al., 1996) confirmed that bananas contain dopamine and serotonin as characteristic neurotransmitters at high concentrations, and that their contents differ among strains and maturity levels. The high content of Potassium help the bodys circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain to keep us alert. Our brains requires both Tyrosine and Vitamin B6 in order to manufacture norepinephrine a brain-related chemical stimulates brain activity and enhances alertness and concentration. Bananas provide both essential nutrients to prevent PMS symptoms, mood swings and irritability.
  3. 3. The unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates in bananas has made them a favourite fruit among endurance athletes. Eating a banana about an hour before working out to allow sufficient time for digestion and top up your glycogen levels to help sustain energy throughout a long workout. One medium banana contains 422 mg of potassium, which your body needs to regulate fluids and prevent muscle cramps and spasms during workout. Bananas reduce recovery period after workout by replenishing potassium and glycogen stores and helping protein reach the muscles if paired with a protein source. Athletic performance
  4. 4. What are the Health risks of banana?What are the Health risks of banana? Eaten in moderation, there are NO significant side effects associated with eating bananas. However, eating the fruits in excess may lead to some side effects you can experience all the usual disadvantages of eating too much sugar, including tooth decay. potassium overconsumption can lead to hyperkalaemia which have serious consequences. There may be a risk of excessively high vitamin and mineral levels. excess may trigger headaches and sleepiness due to the high amount of tryptophan found in them. Banana provides fresh whole-food nutrients that taste better and cost less than processed foods or vitamin supplements.. I think we need to Banana provides fresh whole-food nutrients that taste better and cost less than processed foods or vitamin supplements.. I think we need to
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