Banana & pineaplle bread pudding recipe

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1. Bread pudding is a comfort food that is delicious for breakfast as it is for dessert.In this recipe, bananas and pineapples are added to the mix to make an evenmore delicious dish that is also more nutritious. This makes a splendid breakfastand a great way to start the day. Considered a dessert in many countries, breadpudding is popular in Great Britain, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Belgium, France,Louisiana Creole, Argentina, Malta, Mexico, and southern United States. Slicedbananas and pineapples add moisture, texture and color to the bread puddingand a sweet and tangy flavor. The bread absorbs the mushy bananas well and thefibrous pineapples make a fine contrast to the soft and tender bread soaked inmilk.This simple recipe only requires a few ingredients to make and you can whip it upanytime. All you need are bananas, pineapple, bread, sugar, scalded milk, andeggs. The result is a middle layer that is soft and luxurious like custard and anouter layer with a bit of a crunch, so that it feels absolutely pleasurable in themouth you bite into it. This is a rustic and humble dish that makes great summerdish since it is filled with the flavors of the tropics.You can enjoy this banana and pineapple bread pudding for breakfast, brunch ordessert. For an even more sumptuous treat top it with vanilla ice cream orwhipped cream. You can also dress it up with caramel or chocolate syrup, orwhisky sauce or rum sauce and sprinkle with some nut or cereals for a healthierand energy packed breakfast. Whats great about this recipe is that you can makeit with day old bread so its great to use up leftover bread. You can also usebrioche, cinnamon buns or sweet rolls for a sweeter flavor. 2.