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BALLY total health receipes !!!!


BallyToTal HealTH ebook

There is so much informaTion floaTing around abouT healTh and fiTness, ThaT iTs easy To geT overwhelmed and confused. ThaTs why ive creaTed This simple guide To nuTriTion and fiTness. in iT, ill give you my own personal myTh busTers To help you dispel dieT & nuTriTion myThs and provide you wiTh The ToTal TruTh, so you can make educaTed decisions and geT on Track Towards a healThier you!

Nikki KimbroughPersonal Trainer Bally Total Fitness

Table of ConTenTs...portion control .........................................................................3-4 dining out strategies................................................................5-7 getting started with an exercise program................................8-9 cardiovascular exercise, strength Training and flexibility.....10-11 overcoming obstacles..........................................................12-13 make fitness a family affair ......................................................14 put your knowledge to work................................................15-20 special offers from bally Total fitness..................................21-22 bally Total health recipes.....................................................23-29

porTion conTrolou probably know you shouldnt super-size, but otherwise how do you measure up? The key is to pay attention to how much youre eating at meals throughout the day. Eating the right size portions will help you remain within your calorie limit and continue to move quickly towards your body weight goal. Getting your portions right depends on an understanding of the relationship between the food youre faced with and how many calories are in it. Read food labels to see the serving size and how many calories are in one serving. For some foods you might find it easier to work with measuring cups and a food scale, which you can pick up at your local supermarket. However, when measuring cups and spoons are out of reach, simply use the handy Portions at a Glance guide on the following page to help you eyeball portion sizes.


Nikkis Myth can eat as many low fat or fat free foods as you want and not gain weight.


Sorry. its not all about fat. its about calories.When manufacturers take out the fat in a product, they typically replace it with another nutrient, such as sugar, to maintain its taste. as a result, the amount of calories often ends up the same or even more! Making matters worse, many people assume that because an item is low fat or fat free, the portion size is unlimited, causing them to overeat, which defeats the purpose of a low fat snack. So even if its a low fat or fat free treat, you still shouldnt overeat.

porTions aT a glanceFOOD GROUP STANDARD SERVING1/2 cup of cooked cereal, pasta, rice

VISUAL EQUIVALENTTennis Ball Baseball Hockey puck 1 cupped hand Tennis ball Fist

C ALORIES110 110 120 110 60-80 60-80 110 25 160 120 165-225 115 90 240 180 45 45 160

Bread, Cereal, Rice and Pasta

1 cup dry cereal 1 small bagel 1 oz pretzels 1 medium apple or orange


1 medium whole fruit or 1 cup chopped fruit 1/4 cup raisins 1/2 cup vegetables cooked or raw 1 medium potato

1/2 cupped hand 1 cupped hand Computer mouse 9-volt battery/4 dice Deck of cards/ Cassette tape Light bulb Cupped hand Ice cream scoop Ping pong ball Thumb (tip to 1st joint) Finger (tip to 1st joint) Tennis ball


Milk, Yogurt, Cheese 1 1/2 ounces low-fat cheese Meat, Poultry, Fish salmon, or beef sirloin (lean beef )1/2 cup cooked beans 1 ounce of nuts 3 eggs scrambled 2 tbsp of peanut butter 1 tbsp of salad dressing 3 ounces of chicken (white meat),

Dry Beans, Eggs and Nuts

Fats, Oils & Sweets 1 tsp of butter/margarine or oil1/2 cup of ice cream


dining ouT sTraTegies

Think you cant dine out while trying to lose weight? not true! you can dine out with family and friends and still meet your calorie recommendations. all you need is a strategy in place before and during your restaurant adventure. before you know it, this will be second nature!

1 Before you go:

Plan in advance. Most restaurants offer low calorie options. Call ahead or look online to find out what is on the menu and choose your entre before you arrive.


Know your calorie allotment for the meal that youll be eating. if you can plan to eat a little more, be sure to exercise earlier in the day. imagine the look of your plate: lean meats, non-starchy vegetables, and salads should be the bulk of the plate. Have a light snack at home before you go. This will help you overcome temptations and prevent overeating.

ask for water as soon as you sit down. This can keep you busy until your meal arrives and help you say no to the breadbasket. Order a starter salad. This will help you reach your vegetable and fiber consumption for the day.

Choose beverages that are low in calories such as water with a lemon, diet drinks, or even regular beverages in smaller serving sizes. limit your amount of alcohol before the meal. alcohol tends to increase your appetite and its high in calories!

Once youre seated:


Order an appetizer as an entre. The portion size may be perfect! Eat half the bun on your burger or sandwich. Eating your burger with a fork and knife will save you a few hundred calories (some buns are 400 calories). Have the waiter bring out half the meal and box the other half. ask that the box be brought w/ the check. Dont be afraid to ask for modifications to a dish (ie: condiments on the side, grilled instead of fried). See if you can order lunch sizes or kids meals, which are typically smaller portions. Keep it simple by ordering grilled, baked or roasted lean meats, fish or poultry and steamed, raw or boiled vegetables. ask for naked vegetables with no oil or butter. Enjoy a side of steamed or raw vegetables instead of fries or have a baked potato with salsa. Choose soups that are broth or tomato based instead of cream-based. Choose salads without bacon and croutons and be careful of the amount of cheese or peanuts. (always order salad dressings on the side.) Choose condiments that spice up your meal without packing on the pounds: salsa, cocktail sauce, low-sodium soy sauce, mustard, lemon, herbs, spices, vinegar, ketchup, grated parmesan cheese, horseradish. Remember, moderation is key.

When you order:


dining ouT sTraTegies


Be mindful of condiments. Calories can add up fast. Have mustard instead of mayonnaise or salsa instead of sour cream. if eating a salad use the fork method and dip your fork in the salad dressing before spearing a leaf. Put your fork down in between bites. This increases the time it takes you to eat and allows your body the time to sense when you are getting full. Eat slowly and make conversation. Give your brain time to register what youve eaten. When you start to feel full, put down your fork and ask the waiter to remove or box your food.

While you eat:


Order fruit or sorbet for dessert or skip it in favor of a cappuccino or a small latte made with fat free milk. Share a dessert if your sweet tooth will not give up. One dessert and four forks is a great ratio!


Nikkis Myth BusterMyTH... REaliTy...

At dessert time:

as long as i eat healthy during the week, the weekend doesnt count. Wishful thinking. Fat doesnt have a calendar. Once again, it all boils down to number of calories you consume. Even if you eat within your allotted calories all week and exercise, eating an extra 1000-2000 calories during the weekends can cause you to gain up to two pounds a month. Focus on carrying your healthy habits over into the weekends. and if your social life means you consume a few extra calories, be sure to find time for an extra-long workout in order to maintain the calorie level you need to lose weight.

dining ouT sTraTegiesChoose lightly stir-fried or steamed vegetable dishes, steamed rice, broiled chicken or fish dishes. Choose steamed or baked entrees and side dishes, like chicken, beef, or shrimp with broccoli. ask that your meal be prepared with very little or no oil. When possible, select brown rice over white. Choose lean meats like turkey breast or chicken. Opt for mustard or balsamic vinegar over mayo. load up your sandwich with lettuce, tomato, pickles, or your other favorite vegetables. Choose a small hamburger (hold extra sauces) or grilled chicken sandwich (hold the mayo) with a side salad, or order the kids meal. Many fast food restaurants have their product nutrition information on their website. Portion control is the key. Pasta dishes can usually serve up to four! Choose a dish with tomato, clam or garlic sauce. Go with a minestrone soup and stick with vinegar-based dressings. Mexican foods generally come in large portions, so why not share with a friend? Skip the calorie-condensed chips and order a side of corn tortillas to dip in the salsa. Choose foods that are baked, grilled or rolled in a soft tortilla and use salsa, which has just a few calories, as an alternative to guacamole and sour cream, which can have 30-50 calories per tablespoon.

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The key to dining out is making it work for you. Whether going to a restaurant is an everyday necessity or as a special treat, you must balance your calories. For example, if you opt for a turkey sandwich with mayonnaise instead of balsamic vinaigrette you may have