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  1. 1. Bally Chohan Method Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training Bally Chohan Yoga Method of Yoga offers a dimension of yoga training you wont find anywhere else. Because it is easily accessible and adaptable to different levels of strength and ability, it is ideal for spiritual seekers, health and therapy professionals, and teachers of any style of hatha yoga and meditation.
  2. 2. Built on authentic yoga teachings, the Bally Chohan Yoga Method has enormous relevancy for todays world. This unique approach to yoga transforms philosophy into a living reality that will take you to the direct experience of integration. It can empower you as never before, enabling you to manage your thoughts and emotions, and initiating deep and lasting transformation that will forever change your understanding of your Self and your relationships with others. The Bally Chohan Yoga Method Yoga Training programs consist of two 10-day residential sessions. You may choose to participate in only the first of these as an Immersion for personal growth, or take both sessions for certification as an Bally Chohan Yoga Method Yoga Teacher.
  3. 3. Bally Chohan Yoga Method of Yoga Level I Immersion: Transform Yourself