Balboa Park Attractions By Scott Therkalsen Daniel Mizisin Jing-Yi Chen.

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  • Balboa Park AttractionsBy Scott TherkalsenDaniel MizisinJing-Yi Chen

  • Why focus on attractions?Expanding industry with an increased emphasis of online tourism servicesImportance of knowing where you are going (price, hrs, etc.)Local Knowledge in planning what is important to see on short trips before visiting physical sites because tourist agents can often suffer from lack of knowledge or experiences

  • Why focus on Balboa Park?Too many attractions in San Diego to coverFocus on the most well known of the attractions (Zoo and Park) and our own personal favorites and the ones we had personal accounts of to offerBalboa Park has dozens of smaller attractions to discover

  • What was lacking?The park and zoo site were not connected as well as we thought they should beConfusing SitesPersonal bias of sites created by those with a stake in the success of the attraction

  • Our SolutionsExtremely simplifiedPersonal opinions and experiences free from any biasMost important information presented obviouslyEasy to use maps for navigation and park information

  • Data SourceBalboa Park website, San Diego Zoo website, and SANDAG

  • Map Design--1Unity of three mapsThe same layout frameColor displaywarm color

  • Map Design--2SD Downtown General Directions --roads and freeways

  • Map Design--3Balboa Park --featuredattractions and important roads

  • Map Design--4San Diego Zoo --featured animal locations and important utilities

  • ArcIMS Setup Java feature serverUtilize MapNotes/EditNotes Add layers Print out and save the map

  • Java Feature Server

  • Goal for photography and site selectionTo make website visitors feel compelled to visit the featured locations for themselves.

  • Site Selection for Balboa Park and the San Diego ZooObjectives for attaining our goalSelect places to feature on the website that are popular.Select locations that are attractive and easily photographed.Select a diverse set of locations that appeal to all types of people.Provide inviting images of each location.

  • Featured Locations in Balboa ParkJapanese GardenLargest and most popular garden in the park.Museum of ManIt is San Diegos only Museum dedicated to anthropology. Timken Museum of ArtIt is considered one of the finest small museums in the United States .Reuben H. Fleet Science CenterThe Fleet houses the worlds first and San Diegos only IMAX Dome Theater. San Diego Museum of ArtIs Balboa Parks oldest and largest museum. Aerospace MuseumIs a great place to bring the whole family.Casa Del PradoIs one of the coolest looking Buildings in the park and a great theatre as well.

  • Featured Locations in The San Diego ZooFlamingo LagoonAn excellent place to photograph Flamingos and other water fowl.Reptile MesaIncludes the reptile house and new Indian Gharial Exhibit.Gorilla TropicsOne of the Zoos most popular attractions.Horn and Hoof MesaA great place to see newborns in the spring.Childrens ZooHas the Zoos only Petting Zoo and Nursery. Ituri ForestGood place to see Monkeys interacting with River Otters.