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  • 7/29/2019 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University


    28/12 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University

    Balanced scorecard

    The following objectives and Key Performance Indicators contribute to the EFM directorates mission; a full list of

    objectives and KPIs is available through the individual Divisional business plans.

    Innovation and Learning / Continuous


    Centre for Sport: Finish within the

    Top 30 of the British Universities and

    Colleges Sport (formerly BUSA)

    standings by 2010

    Campus services: Improve functionalsuitability across teaching and

    learning space from level 4 to 2 by


    Achieve HSE Bronze Award, MSC

    accreditation and Good Egg


    A directorate risk register will be

    produced in partnership with the

    Finance and Legal Services


    An EFM-wide consultation process

    will be undertaken to inform targetsetting within the new business

    planning process by July 2009

    Capital projects: Develop cross

    departmental and divisional links (eg,

    campus brightening and transitional


    Property services: Implementation of

    Hand held computers for maintenance

    staff and use Helpdesk reports to

    streamline work processes in

    readiness for greater demand with the

    expansion of the MaintenanceHelpdes k service

    Develop a pan-university Corporate

    Responsib ili ty framework and

    achieve ISO14001 at Wheatley


    Internal Business Processes / Skills and


    To operate compliant with UUK Code

    of Practice with zero substantiated


    To enhance communications and

    internal operations, EFM will co-locate

    physically during 2009 and launch a

    new website

    EFM will take steps to reach IIP level 4

    within 3 years in line with University

    aspirations (and will lead on CR)

    Communicate all matters arising from

    building works or planned buildingworks to internal and external

    stakeholders in a timely and accurate


    Property services: To produce an

    integrated forward and maintenance

    report and Life cycle cos ting analysis

    for the university estate, and

    investigate means of reducing the

    Sports Divisions current Energy

    Consumption (278.18 Kwh per m2) by

    10%, so as to bring in line with the

    Brookes average (2503.68 Kwh per m2)

  • 7/29/2019 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University


    28/12 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University

    MissionCustomer Focus

    Campus services: Increase standard

    of cleaning definitively across all

    academic sites to 80%, with

    aspirations to increase to 85% from

    2010 onwards

    Centre for Sport: Raise the number of

    students participating in university

    sports competition by 5% annually for

    each of the next 2 years

    Campus services: Reduction in crime

    reported across all of the University

    Estate by 10%

    85-90% of students will agree or

    strongly agree that they had a good

    customer experience in Halls of

    residence (variety of metrics used)

    Conferences will receive an overall

    rating of 70% in the venue masters

    mystery buyer survey and 90% local

    rating as good or excellent overall.

    A cross-directorate customer service

    champion will be appointed during


    Capital projects: Achieve a planning

    cons ent for Phase 1 of the Gipsy Lane


    Property services: Integrate with

    relevant Student societies, delivering

    lectures to s tudents and offering

    student placements within the


    Map space use across the university

    and establish a proactive approach

    to improving the quality of the built

    environment for students and staff,

    together with targets for space



    EFM directorate will meet agreed

    financial targets

    Assess financial KPIs starting with

    EMS data to enable the expansion of

    EFM services to reach upper quarti le

    performance without incurring an

    increase in total property costs.

    These include:

    Centre for Sport: Increase

    sports membership sales

    revenue by 10% annually for

    each of the next 3 years, anddecrease the annual overspend

    attributed to Sport while not

    compromising service


    Campus services: reduce mail

    cos ts by 7 - 10% with the

    introduction of clean mail


    Hospitality services to achieve

    a target surplus of 1,389,000

    Capital projects: Assess and

    report on project fees as apercentage of total project


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  • 7/29/2019 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University


    28/12 Balance scorecard Oxford Brookes University