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Clearly defines and compares Baking Soda and baking powder used in Bakeries.


<ul><li><p>SearchSearch</p><p>3LikeLike0</p><p>Baking soda and Baking powder both are used to make the recipes fluffy. Both the goodsforms carbon dioxide and produces small air-bubbles, which makes the dish fluffy andspongy. But though they perform same function, both of them are quite different from eachother. - Baking Soda and Baking Powder</p><p>Baking SodaBaking Soda contains sodium bicarbonate, that produces Carbon dioxide gas on reactingwith moist and sour products. Carbon dioxide gas is produced in the form of air-bubble thatmakes the recipe spongy.Baking Soda requires curd and other sour food products to exhilarate. Baking soda do notreact i f the recipes do not have sour taste.Baking Soda reacts instantly on getting mixed into any moist product and forms air-bubbles.Thus, the recipe should be baked or made instantly once the baking soda is added to it, elsethe recipe wont get spongy.</p><p>Baking PowderBaking powder contains baking soda, other acidic medium (Cream of Tartar) and starch tomaintain its powder form.Baking powder starts to work instantly when added with food because of the presence ofacidic medium (cream of tartar). Baking powder is used for the recipes which is not sour intaste.Baking powder used in food nowadays is double action. The first reaction takes place whenit gets mixed with moist products and the other reaction takes place when it comes in contactwith hot substances i.e when the recipe is kept in the oven. The bubbles gets big in size andbecomes more spongy. Due to the double action property, you can even bake the recipe 15minutes after mixing baking powder to i t.The recipes which are to be baked for long time uses baking powder instead of baking soda.As baking soda stops to work once it comes in contact with hot substances, whereas bakingpowder contains cream of tartar that makes the recipe more spongy on being baked in theoven. Baking powder is used to make cakes, muffins, cookies etc.</p><p>Can we use Baking Powder instead of Baking Soda tobake the recipe?Yes, you can substitute baking powder for baking soda to bake the recipe. You have toincrease the quantity of the baking powder to 4 times as it contains 2 parts of cream of tartarand 1 part of baking soda, else the excess quantity of cream of tartar distorts the taste of therecipe. Excess use of baking soda can alter the taste of the recipe and make it sal ine.</p><p>Can we use Baking soda in the place of Bakingpowder?</p><p>Baking Soda and Baking PowderNisha Madhulika | 0 Comment(s) | 23313 times read</p><p>Lost your password? Create New Account</p><p>Log inBecome a member free and getaccess to adv anced features.</p><p>Latest RecipesSw eet and Sour Mango Kadhi RecipeCheese Dosa Recipe, Veggie cheesePaneer Masala RecipeGuw aar Phali Fry - Cluster BeansChana Dal w ith Lauki Curry RecipePotato Spinach CurryRaw Mango Kadhi recipe - AamjhorPudine ki chutneySai Bhaji Recipe - Sindhi SaiPaneer Achaari RecipeInstant Sw eet and Sour Chutney forBhandarew ale Aloo ki Sabzi RecipeMuskmelon Seeds Namkeen RecipeStuffed Potato Curry Recipe -Sw eet Guna Recipe for GangaurKesar burf i recipe f rom Milk Pow derJaggery Adhirasam Recipe - GurRaskadam Recipe - Kheer KadamLavang Latika recipeStraw berry Halw a RecipeMoong Dal Gujiya RecipeMysore Masala Dosa RecipeSandesh Recipe - How to MakeMethi Palak Paneer Subzi RecipeArhar dal w ith Green mangoPaneer Dahi Vada - Paneer ke DahiSengri Mangodi Sabzi- Radish PodBasundi Recipe - How To MakeVegetable AppamMicrow ave Khandvi RecipeGrated Caulif low er pakoda Recipe -Chapati w ith Flax seeds - Alsi kiAaloo Bhujia With Kachori RecipeChilli Mushroom Recipe - MushroomMicrow ave Stuffed Bhindi RecipeMethi Stuffed Paratha RecipeArbi Methi Recipe - Gaderi MethiMicrow ave Bharaw an Baigan RecipeCrispy Aloo Cheela Recipe - GratedSindhi Koki RecipeRajasthani Dal Dhokli RecipeKathi Roll Vegetarian Recipe -Aloo Bread Pakoda - Bread PakoraSw eet Paratha Recipe - SugarMethi ki Launji recipePaneer Stuffed Bread RollsCarrot Burf i Recipe - Gajar KiBajra Aloo Mix Parantha RecipeChana Saag Allo Fry RecipeBesan Meedha Laddu - ChickpeaAchari Bhindi Recipe</p><p>SWEETS CURRY-DAL SNACKS PURI NAAN PARATHA BAKING RICE CHUTNEY PICKE ETC. MISC REGIONAL</p><p>Baking Soda and Baking Powder</p><p>1 of 2 21-06-2015 15:29</p></li><li><p>Baking Soda and Baking Powder</p><p>2 of 2 21-06-2015 15:29</p></li></ul>


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