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  • In The Islands of The Bahamas,every story starts with a smile.

  • Life's one big party here andwe've been celebrating since we could walk.

    Casheron Coakley and Kieasha Adderley

    Nassau/Paradise Island

    Welcome to The Islandsof The Bahamas...and to a genuine laid-back rhythm oflife, colourful traditions and richculture. Feel free to discover how manyamazing things there are to enjoy, howmany unforgettable islands there areto explore and youll find your veryown holiday story has already started.

    Your story starts here...

    The incredible rushof Junkanoo and theintoxicating spirit ofone of the worldsgreatest culturalfestivals will staywith you forever.


    18 New Providence/Paradise Island20 Grand Bahama Island22 Abaco Island24 Andros25 Bimini26 The Berry Islands27 Eleuthera28 Exuma29 Cat Island30 San Salvador31 Rum Cay32 Long Island33 Acklins34 Mayaguana35 Inagua

    Explore our world37 History38 People

    Find your Island

    6 Beach7 Fishing8 Diving9 Golf10 Cruises11 Eco adventures

    12 Food andnightlife

    13 Shopping14 Weddings15 Spas

    Choose your activities

  • 5ActivitiesIf youre looking for exhilarating new challenges, blissful relaxation orreal once-in-a-lifetime adventures, youll find everything youre lookingfor in The Islands of The Bahamas and the waters that surround them.

  • Fishing



    Hook up with some ofthe best sport fishing

    in the world.

    From blinding whiteto pastel pink, oursand is as seductive as our climate.

    Gently lapped by translucent turquoise water, theendless stretches of powder-soft sandy beachesyoull find on every island are some of the mostidyllic in the Caribbean. And whether youwant to relax, sip drinks at thefriendly beach bars, celebrate withthe locals at their nightly fish fry,swim, snorkel or simply explore inblissful isolation, youll be more thanwelcome.

    Land yourself a bonefishOffering the drama of deep-sea shing and the thrills of reef,bottom and fly-fishing, The Bahamas attracts the keenestanglers from around the world. But ask the one and onlyBonesh Folley, and hell tell you that your biggestchallenge is to fight it out with a beautiful Grey Ghost. Bonefish Folley, storytell

    er and fisherman

    Grand Bahama Island

    Soak up some Bahamian beach culture.

  • With 60 to 140ft of underwater visibility,

    it 's easy to see the attraction of diving here.Stuart Cove, shark wrangler and dive

    tour guide Nassau


    From San Salvadorand Andros, toGrand BahamaIsland and Exuma,every island hasa unique collectionof dive sites.


    Get into the swing ofthings and discoversome of the sweetestspots in The Bahamasright here on ourislands championshipcourses.


    Tee-off and watch for birdiesSerious golfers are in for some memorablegames in The Islands of The Bahamas.Dramatic views, created by nature, andtricky holes, created by top-class playersand leading international designers, makefor some of the most spectacular coursesin the world. And take the sport to anexciting new level.

    Dive in for a realunderwater adventureFor sheer breathtaking diversity,from shark feeding and dolphinencounters to wreck and reefdives, no place on earth can matchThe Islands of The Bahamas. Witha wealth of shallow, clear watersites for beginners and anincredible range of blue holecaverns and precipitous sponge-encrusted sea walls for advanceddivers, everyone will experiencesomething utterly amazing. Andenjoy an unforgettable adventure.

    Crystal clear waters,blue holes and thethird largest reef in the world.

    Lloyd Jones, Golf Operations


    and 7-handicap player Para

    dise Island

  • Eco adventuresMake our islands your natural choice.

    Grab your snorkel, wetsuit, kayak paddle or theedge of your 4WD seat and prepare to encounter

    the protected habitats of The Bahamas.


    Enter another worldYou cant beat The Islands ofThe Bahamas for a wide choice ofluxury eco resorts and eco toursfrom hiking, bicycling, kayakingand walking to birdwatching. As an archipelago with over 700islands and unnamed cays plus 25 National Parks, you canexperience a close encounter withnature on every island and in thephenomenally clear waters thatsurround them.

    Cruises Drop anchor in our tax-free paradise.

    Cruise through thewarm Bahamianwaters with over adozen major cruiselines and youllhave the perfectopportunity to stopoff and explore.

    Jump ship for avoyage of discovery A rewarding time spent hunting fortax-free bargains in the colourfulquayside streets of Nassau, or a fewheavenly hours where youre freeto venture across the uninhabitedtropical islands of The Bahamas,will be the highlight of anyCaribbean cruise.

    Some cruise companieshave even bought theirown islands to offer youexclusive desert islandexperiences with all the luxuries of a cruise.

    Prepare foryour close-ups

    with wildamingoes,land crabs,egg-laying

    green turtles andthe distinctiveAbaco parrot.

    Phil Russell, ecotour guide and science writer Grand Bahama Island

  • ShoppingFoodand nightlifePerfect yourbargain hunting.From Nassaus chic boutiquesoffering all kinds of tax-freedesigner brands, to colourful strawmarkets and a fabulous array ofhandmade crafts being sold by theartists themselves, its funny howtheres always time to indulge insome bargain hunting.

    Satisfy your appetite for all thingsBahamian after sipping cocktailsat a beach bar, enjoying traditionaldelicacies at a fish fry or dressingfor dinner at world-classrestaurants, you can dance thenight away to the hypnoticrhythms of local goombay bands.

    Taste the excitement.

    Youll nd adifferent styleof straw workon every islandyou visit.

    Fish Fry on the beach


  • Weddings


    Set your heart on aBahamian weddingand leave the restto us.

    You couldn't wish for amore romantic setting.With the chance to exchange your vows onan idyllic tropical cay, amid a picturesque14th-century French Cloister, in gloriousJunkanoo-style, or surrounded by aquamarinewaters with your very own guest dolphin, youcouldnt wish for a more romantic wedding venue.

    Spas Pamper your body and soul.Settling into the easy-going, laid-back Bahamian way of life is theeasiest thing in the world after sampling the blissful treatmentson offer at our islands luxurious spas. Based on locally growningredients, traditional remedies include pineapple, coconut,cascarilla bark, coffee beans, hibiscus, camomile and sea salt.Making for a deliciously relaxing experience.

    Stacy Dorsett, masseuse and foodie Andros Island

  • 17

    Find your islandWhether youre keen to feast your senses onrich and colourful experiences in our vibrantcities, or yearn for a taste of pure desert islandescapism, the different flavours of our islandsmake it easy to find your personal paradise.

  • 19

    Life's one big party when yourush out to join the Junkanoo.

    Every Boxing Day, NewYears Day and in thesummertime everyone inThe Bahamas celebratesJunkanoo! This traditionalmix of music and colourfulcostumes is one of theworlds most flamboyantand vivid street carnivals.

    Along with the fabulous Atlantis Resorton Paradise Island, the toast ofThe Bahamas buzzing capital is the5-star Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant

    Kieasha Adderley, Junkanoo dancer

    New Providence1Paradise IslandIsland of contrasts.

    Explore The Isles ofPerpetual June With its own unique flavour ofcontemporary glamour, old worldcolonial charm and chilled-outtropical style, Nassau, capital cityof The Bahamas, lies on NewProvidence Island, just a stonesthrow from the Monte Carlo of theCaribbean, Paradise Island. Hereyou can shop to your heartscontent, explore fascinatinghistorical treasures, or venture outof town to wander across the shining golden sands of CableBeach. Making every day another holiday.

  • 21

    Come out and play.An adventure playground of championship golf courses, sugary whitesand beaches, top dive sites and exhilarating watersports, Grand BahamaIsland is where all the unforgettable experiences of The Bahamas cometogether. Home to the second largest city in the chain, its also thelocation of the Lucayan National Park nature reserve complete withmangrove creeks, walking trails and the world's longest knownunderwater cave and cavern system.

    It's a pleasure!

    Swim with dolphins in Sanctuary Bayor hear what it takes to catch boneshfrom the famous Bonesh Folley, andyoull have plenty of tales to tell.

    From the historical East andWest Ends to the modern hotspot of Port Lucaya, having funis a serious business on GrandBahama Island. Ask the localsand theyll be just ashappy to invite youalong to the crazyCoconut Festival or the Conch CrackingContests as they areto show you theirhandicrafts!

    Grand Bahama Island

  • 23

    Of all the outstanding experienceswaiting for you on and around thischarming cluster of Out Islands andcays, taking in the stunning viewsfrom Hope Towns 120ft highcandy-striped lighthouse is not tobe missed! And the highlight of thesailing calendar, Julys RegattaTime is so exciting and fun packedyou should set sail for The Abacoseven if you dont have a boat!

    For close encounters

    with the dazzling

    underwater world

    of marine life, nothing

    beats snorkelling the


    aquamarine waters

    round our islands

    Traditionallytropical.Arriving from America in1783, the first settlers onAbaco Island built theirvillages in the style of thehomes theyd left behind.And today, if it wasnt forthe bright sunshine and thecolourful Bahamian parrots these attractive clapboardhouses, with their neatgardens and quaint picketfences, could easily be18th c