Back to School Night September 19, 2012

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Back to School Night September 19, 2012. Mrs. White-Burke\Mrs. Contipodero Room 405. Agenda 7:00-7:25 or 7:45-8:10 Please sign in on the side table. . Introduction Goals for 5 th grade 5 th Grade Curriculum Highlights Classroom Routines and Expectations Housekeeping - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Back to School Night September 20, 2011

Back to School NightSeptember 19, 2012Mrs. White-Burke\Mrs. ContipoderoRoom 405

Agenda7:00-7:25 or 7:45-8:10Please sign in on the side table. IntroductionGoals for 5th grade5th Grade Curriculum HighlightsClassroom Routines and ExpectationsHousekeepingHomeroom Coordinator Introductions

Index Cards on desks:

Questions are encouraged and welcomed. Due to time constraints, if you have a question, please write it down and I will get back to you during the week. Feel free to leave a note in your childs desk. IntroductionA little bit about me!Graduated from Gettysburg College with a Bachelors Degree in Business AdministrationEmployed in the Banking Industry for approximately nine years, prior to enrolling in an elementary certification program at Immaculata UniversityCurrently hold both elementary and middle school math certificationsHave experience teaching students in grades K-8 and in all subject areasThis is the fourth long-term assignment I have completed in a fifth grade classroomI have been a member of the GV community for many years, as a student, parent, community volunteer and teacher

Goals for the yearIncrease independenceTime managementOrganizationPunctualityAcademic goalsGrow as a role model for the school community while upholding the Pillars of Character and School RulesMake a successful transition to middle school

Language ArtsReading WorkshopReader's Workshop is a framework that provides students withreading instruction and focused time to read self-selected books independently or with partners/small groups (later in the year). The structure of Reader's Workshop includes:-Minilesson: The children receive explicit instruction in the process and skills of proficient reading -Guided and independent practice: Students read high-interest, just-right books of their own choosingwhile the teacher works with individual students or small groups -Share: At the end of the workshop, the students may gather together again. The teacher may highlight an important concept or provide time for a few students to share their work.Teachers use the Great ValleyReader's Workshop curriculumto guide instruction. It isdivided intounits; each focused unit was designed to teach specific skills and strategies.

Teacher Interactive Read AloudOn Days 1-4, the first 20 minutes of the day are dedicated to listening to great literature while gaining reading strategies. This time is teacher led, but students interact with the text through writing notes in their readers response journal, talking with a partner, drawing a picture to show understanding, and group discussion. Language Arts (contd)Writing WorkshopWriter's Workshop is a framework that provides students with writing instruction and focused time to write. The structure of writers workshop includes:-mini-lesson: students are explicitly taught the skills and strategiesof effective writing. -Time for writing (rehearsing an idea, drafting, revising, editing, or publishing) while the teacher works with individual students or small groups. -Share: At the end of the workshop, the teacher will usually gather the students together again to highlight an important concept or provide time for a few students to share their work.Teachers use the Great ValleyWriter's Workshop curriculumto guide instruction. It isdivided intounits; each unit focuses on a particulartype of writing.Students are encouraged to live like a writer- always being conscious of events (big and small) that could be turned into stories. Encourage your child to jot (or sketch) ideas about funny, sad, new, or routine activitiesto serve asideas for their writing.

Spelling20 spelling words will be assigned every other week. The words come from the 5th grade anthology, Wordly Wise vocabulary books and from Social Studies or Science content words. Vocabulary15 Wordly Wise words will be assigned every other week (alternating with spelling). Students are assigned a book based on independent level. GrammarEach week, students will be introduced to a grammar concept from the sailboat book.

Math Problem Solving and Mathematical ReasoningArithmetic and Number ConceptsPlace Value, Rounding, FractionsGeometry and MeasurementMathematical Skills and Tools, Computation of Whole Numbers, Decimals, FractionsUse of Calculator and Computer (CCC)Mathematical CommunicationProbability and StatisticsHelpful Hints for MathReview notes and practice problems with your child.Learning new concepts is easier when math facts are mastered. Check to make sure your child is completing all math homework. If he/she is having trouble, encourage him/her to ask questions during class or meet with their teacher during core extension. ScienceWe will engage in lessons in our science textbook and FOSS Kits. Our class will visit the science lab often. Students will do hands-on activities to help them learn and ask questions about the topic at hand.Students are expected to ask questions as they go and we search for answers.Students will make observations and keep a science journal.Mr. Dave Cliffel will be your childs science teacher this year.Science will be split into three main units

Environments Space Rocks and Minerals

Social StudiesMarking Period 1: 1890-1920Age of InventionsImmigrationThe ProgressivesWWIMarking Period 2: 1920-1945Roaring 20s The Great DepressionWWIIMarking Period 3: 1945-presentThe Cold WarThe Civil Rights MovementDecades Projects

OLWEUSDistrict-Wide Initiative to prevent and react to bullying situations at school.Class meetings held weekly to discuss bullying issues as well as to instruct students in handling situations of bullyingTerminology used by the district when discussing instances:Instigator (bully)Target (victim)Bystanders (witnesses to event)School-wide Incident Reporting Form will be used to record and report any instances of bullying that occur

Core ExtensionMost services (OT, PT, speech, MG) will occur at this time.Most lessons (band, orchestra) will occur at this time.Students will have time to work on spelling, Wordly Wise, science projects, social studies projects, continue reading, and continue writing. Students may work independently or in small groups depending on what they are working on. This is a time to meet with teachers to receive additional support.Classroom Expectations and RoutinesStudents are expected to write down all assignments each day. Students are expected to follow guidelines/directions for assignments and to turn in the assignments on time.Students need to ask for help when they have questions, concerns or difficulties.Parents are asked to sign assignment books (Agenda) as well as the reading log each evening.

Homework ExpectationsHomework needs to be turned in on the day it is due.Homework should be neat and have the students name on it.When homework is not turned in, students will stay in from recess until the homework is completed.

HousekeepingWebsite SchedulesSnackBirthdaysRoutines (bathroom, morning homework check, classroom jobs, attendance)Warm FuzziesBook OrdersField TripsOptional 5th Grade Activities (service council, Wake Up KDM, etc)

Schedule8:55-9:15 Interactive Read Aloud or OLWEUS9:15-10:30 Math10:30-11:15 Core Extension11:15-12:00 Lunch/Recess12:00-12:45 SpecialsDay 1: MusicDay 2: LibraryDay 3: PEDay 4: PEDay 5: Art12:45-1:45 Social Studies/Science1:45-2:45 Readers Workshop2:45-3:25 Writers Workshop/Spelling/Grammar/Vocabulary3:25-3:35 End of the day routines, pack up, dismissal

Snacks and BirthdaysYour child will have the opportunity to have a snack and may enjoy it at any time, as long as they are not disrupting instruction (and do not leave any trash on the floor!).Each student is responsible for bringing in their own snack.Please encourage your child to pack a healthy snack.Birthday treats are no longer permitted.As an alternative, students may send in pencils, pens, erasers, etc., but are certainly not required to do so.Students may also donate a picture book or novel to the classroom library. Your childs name will be put inside the book and shared with the class.

RoutinesMorning:Students are responsible for moving their names on the Smartboard for attendance and lunch, handing in notes, and taking out their math supplies.All directions are on the Smartboard.Bathroom:Students are required to sign in and out when using the bathroom.One student is allowed in the bathroom at a time.End of the day:Students are responsible for having all homework written down.Students are responsible for gathering all materials necessary to complete homework.Students are responsible for checking to make sure their work area is neat and chair is stackedJobs:Students will receive a new job every 2-3 weeks.Students must complete independently complete their job at the appropriate time (depending on the job).

Warm FuzziesWarm Fuzzies are secret projects the students create to show another classmate how much they are appreciated. The purpose is to create an inclusive classroom. Students secretly pick a name of classmate out of a hat.The students will then write a letter and create a hand-made gift for their classmate using the information they learn about the classmate in the classmates All about me packet. Students will have approximately one month to complete the letter and project.On the designated day students will present their letter and projects to the student.Please do not send in food. Book OrdersStudents will receive a book order most months. The due date will be recorded in the students assignment books and on my website. Checks only. Please make checks out to Scholastic Book Order.For every $1 you spend, the class earns 1 bonus point which can use to purchase books for the classroom. Field Trips5th Grade goes on 3 trips:Paradise Farms