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<ul><li><p>Back-to-School Night Welcome to the Geneva Community High School Back-to-School Night. </p><p> You will begin the evening by reporting to your students first period class by 7:05 pm. </p><p>Ambassador Club students are available in the hallways to direct you to your classrooms. For your convenience, we have one elevator available this evening. The elevator is located directly across from the Health Office. We will use the public address system to signal the change of classes. </p><p>Team Sports - Auditorium PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES WILL MEET IN THE FOLLOWING LOCATIONS </p><p>Dance classes &amp; Group Fitness - Dance Studio (Mack Olson Stage) Personal Fitness Mack Olson Gym Applied Personal Fitness Room EE184 Lifetime Fitness Contest Gym JR PE Leaders Community Room (A109) PE Leadership (Adaptive) - Room B129 Early Bird Lifetime Fitness Contest Gym during any free period EB Personal Fitness- Contest Gym during any free period EB Team Sports Contest Gym during any free period **see attached location map </p><p> TV PRODUCTION CLASSES </p><p>will meet in the TV Studio located in room EE189 (by the Mack Olson Gym entrance). </p><p> Study Hall, lunch, Independent Study, Teacher Assistants, or any off-campus class will not meet. Feel free to visit the cafeteria, Viking Vendor, or the Viking Commons during this time. </p><p> Roxanne Curtis, Viking Ensemble teacher, is available in the Choir Room, C141. In some Earth Science, English, and Modern World classes, there is a regular education </p><p>teacher and a special education teacher. This co-teaching arrangement has been in place at GHS for over twenty years and has been well received by students and parents. </p><p> A representative from the Fox Valley Career Center will be in the Viking Commons throughout the evening. </p><p> Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists and the Career Specialist are available in the Viking Commons throughout the evening. If you need a replacement schedule, please see your students counselor. </p><p> The format tonight does not allow for one-on-one conferences. If you would like to meet </p><p>with a teacher, please leave your phone number with the teacher. Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for November 24 &amp; 25. More detailed information regarding conferences and the PTC on-line scheduler will be available via 304Connects and on our website. </p><p> Viking Spirit Wear is available for purchase in the cafeteria. </p><p>Mr. Tom Rogers Principal Administrative Team </p><p>Mr. Doug Drexler Associate Principal Mr. Scott McPeak Assistant Principal Mr. Jim Kafer Athletic Director Ms. Susan Shrader (A-G) Dean of Students Mr. Mike Kelly (H-O) Dean of Students Mr. Reed Allison (P-Z) Dean of Students </p><p>Mr. Dave Carli Physical Education/Health/Driver Education Department Chairpersons </p><p>Mr. Kevin Gannon Science Mr. John Thomas Mathematics Ms. Mary Jane Johnson Counseling &amp; Advising Ms. Sue Khalaieff Social Studies/World Language Mr. Eric Hatczel Fine and Applied Arts Ms. Shannon Del Re Special Education Ms. Nancy Rizzo English </p><p>Cindy Blayney, RN, CSN GHS Health Office </p><p>Susan Odenthal, RN, BSN Roxanne Sronkoski, RN, BSN </p><p>Ms. Julie Williams Instructional Technology Facilitator </p><p>Ms. Mary Keyzer Student Activities </p><p>Ms. Emma Cole </p><p> GHS Student Ambassador Club, sponsored by Ms. Dana Manarchy &amp; Ms. Linda Szkola A SPECIAL THANKS TO: </p><p> GHS PTO Back-to-School Chairpersons: Lisa Karas &amp; Pam Mucha Refreshments are available all evening in the cafeteria, courtesy of the PTO. WE APPRECIATE YOUR INPUT! Please fill out the attached feedback form and drop it one of the bins marked EVALUATIONS as you exit the building or send it electronically to </p><p>Back to School Night Schedule 6:45 7:00 Parents pick up information in cafeteria </p><p> 7:05 7:15 Period 1 7:20 7:30 Period 2 7:30 7:45 Studio 304 Special Edition with Mr. Tom Rogers 7:50 8:00 Period 3 8:05 8:15 Period 4-5, 4-6, 5-6 (disregard lunch period) 8:20 8:30 Period 6-7, 6-8, 7-8 (disregard lunch period) 8:35 8:45 Period 9 8:50 9:00 Period 10 </p><p></p></li><li><p>BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT FEEDBACK **Please return your feedback to one of the bins on your way out or send it electronically to Thanks! </p><p>What was the best part about tonights program? </p><p>What could we do to improve this program? </p><p>What was the most interesting or intriguing thing that you heard this evening? </p><p></p></li><li><p> MEETING LOCATIONS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES: </p><p>Team Sports Auditorium </p><p>Dance Classes &amp; Group Fitness Mack Olson Stage (CC175 Dance Studio) </p><p>Personal Fitness Mack Olson Gym </p><p>Applied Personal Fitness EE184 </p><p>Lifetime Fitness Contest Gym </p><p>JR PE Leaders Community Room (A109) </p><p>PE Leadership (Adaptive) Room B129 </p><p>Early Bird Personal Fitness Contest Gym during any free period </p><p>Early Bird Lifetime Fitness Contest Gym during any free period </p><p>Early Bird Team Sports Contest Gym during any free period </p><p>Contest Gym </p><p>Mack Olson Stage (CC175 Dance Studio) </p><p>Mack Olson Gym </p><p>EE184 </p><p>Auditorium </p><p>Cmmnty Rm(A109) </p><p>Program 2014Back-to-School Night</p><p>BTSN FeedbackMEETING LOCATIONS FOR PHYSICAL EDUCATION CLASSES</p></li></ul>