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  • 1. Back-to-School Night Thursday, September 6, 2012
  • 2. 7:55 Teachers pick up students8:00-8:30 Opening: (calendar, songs, books, daily news, movement)8:30-9:45 Stations (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies,Health)9:45-10:00 Snack10:00-10:30Awareness) Language Arts (Letter Work, Popcorn Words, Phonemic Dail y10:30-10:55 Activity Time10:55-11:45 Run/Lunch Recess/Lunch11:45-12:00 Literature Sche dule12:00-12:20 Pack Up and Magic Circle Full Day Kindergarten Begins on Monday, September 24th. *Full Day Kindergarten Schedule To Come*
  • 3. August: Friends, Rules, The Gingerbread ManSeptember: Colors, Shapes, Apples, FallOctober: Community Helpers, 5 Senses, Harvest, HalloweenNovember: Family, Friendship, Thanksgiving TheDecember: Traditions, TransportationJanuary: Bears, Martin Luther King, WeatherFebruary: Valentines Day, Symbols, Presidents, mes 100th DayMarch: St. Patricks Day, Plants, Farm, Dr. Seuss, WeatherApril: Flowers, InsectsMay: Life Cycles, Cinco de Mayo, Mothers DayJune: Water Safety, The Ocean, Fathers Day
  • 4. Curriculum
  • 5. Language ArtsProgram: SRA Imagine IT!Sound/Symbol Cards (Alphabet Cards)Phonemic AwarenessOral Language DevelopmentLearning ModalitiesHandwriting
  • 6. Language Arts ReadingGuided Reading GroupsBook(s) of the WeekRoyal Readers Parent Volunteer ProgramRaz-Kids Online Reading ProgramPopcorn Words (High-Frequency Words)End-of-the-Year Reading Goal: DRA Level 4
  • 7. DRA Level 1 (Level A) DRA Level 2 (Level B)2-5 Words per line, 1 line per page 3-8 Words per line, 1 line per page.Repetition, predictable language Repetitive pattern with 1-2 changesNo surprise endings per page, predictable language Pattern may change on last pageExample: Example:Page 1: I go to the park. Page 8: We like to play house.Page 2: I go to the store. Page 9: We like to play hide and seek.Last page: I go to sleep. Last page: But we do not play with re. End-of-the-Year Goal:DRA Level 3/4 (Level C)3-8 words per sentence. 1-2 lines per page.Pattern may vary on the rst and last pages.Example:Page 1: Did you look for your shoe?Page 2: I looked everywhere. My shoe is not there.Page 3: Did you look under the bed?Page 4: I looked everywhere. My shoe is not there.Page 7: Did you look in your closet?Last Page: Oh, no! I did not look everywhere. I did not look there.
  • 8. Language Arts WritingThematic WritingPopcorn Words (High-Frequency Words)Phonemic Awareness & Phonics Skills Support WritingEnd-of-the-Year Writing Goal: Personal Narrative
  • 9. Mathematics Program: Everyday Math Everyday Math Online ExploratoryMastery Hands-On and Conceptual
  • 10. Science and Social Studies Hands-On Inquiry-Based Class Projects School Projects
  • 11. Health Curriculum: McGraw Hill Health and Wellness Caring Schools Community Program Habits of Mind Snack & Lunch Water Running
  • 12. Text Communication Phone: 619-271-2777 ext. 3508 Email: stephanie.hecht@davincicharter.orgWebsite: (Website Password: 908)
  • 13. Thank You!