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<ul><li> 1. About Me8 years teaching experienceMasters in Literacy- University of San DiegoBachelors Degree in Elementary EducationK-6 science lab teacherReading teacherJersey Girl!Im getting married on September 29, 2012!I love dark chocolate!</li></ul> <p> 2. Daily Schedule7:55 Teachers pick up students8:00-8:30Opening: (DLR, journals, homework check, calendar )8:45-9:20Run/Physical Education9:20-9:30Snack9:30-10:50 Language Arts (daily oral language, phonics, vocabulary, literature, comprehension, daily 5)10:50-11:35 Recess/Lunch11:35-1:05 Math1:05-1:25Recess1:25-2:00Grammar or Writing2:00-2:30Science or Health2:30-3:00Classroom Meetings/Clean-Up 3. Reading/Language Arts Whole Group and Small Group InstructionVocabulary SpellingPhonemic Awareness Grammar, Usage and MechanicsOral Language DevelopmentComprehensionFluencyLeveled ReadersDevelopmental Reading Assessment Daily Five 4. What Makes Up Reading?The LayersComprehension Automaticity/Fluency Decoding &amp; Word Attack Skills Alphabetic Knowledge/PhonicsPhonological/Phonemic Awareness Concepts About Print1/16/2004 5. Language Arts WritingJournalsFriendly LetterPersonal NarrativeA focus on improving sentence structure and adding details.Grammar and Mechanics: Daily Language Review 6. Mathematics Program: Everyday Math Everyday Math Online (by October) Hands-On and Conceptual Math Concepts Spiral Throughout the Curriculum 7. Science and Social Studies Hands-On Inquiry-Based Class Projects: Donors Choose (Tadpoles) School-wide Projects: Tulip Garden 8. Health Curriculum: McGraw Hill Health and Wellness Caring Schools Community Program Habits of Mind Snack &amp; Lunch Water Running CATCH Physical Education Program 9. Lunch Pre-Order for the month ahead Choose to buy OR bring lunch Free and Reduced Lunches are already ordered Lunch is now on Wednesdays bring or buy 10. After School Pickup Choose either Gate 2 or Gate 3 Gate 2 - Stay in your car Gate 3 Park and walk to pick up your child must have a red pass Please hold up your name plates for both gates to help us locate your student. 11. Communication Phone calls Email Parent Meetings Reflection Worksheet 12. CommunicationReflection WorksheetName_________________________ Date_____________________Think about your behavior. What happened?_____________________________________________________________________Where did this happen?____________________________________________Explain what you will do next time. How will you correct this behavior?___________________________________________________________________Student Signature ____________________________ ParentSignature________________________ 13. HomeworkHomework CheckSpellingParent NotesHomework Makeup 14. Volunteers I would love volunteers! TB test and fingerprints Please email me your schedule. 15. Donations Please see the list on the window and take a post-it if you are interested. (RAZ kids, paper, headphones, etc.) escrip- Please sign up on our website under the support tab. This fundraiser costs you nothing! When you make purchases with escrip businesses using your credit card or grocery card, the business automatically donates a percentage of your purchase to the school. We are still accepting applications for enrollment. Spread the word! 16. Thank youfor coming to back toschool night!</p>