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Back-to School Night. Monday, September 9, 2013 Mrs. Angiolillo Long-Term Sub: Miss Tieri. Mrs. Kaitlin Angiolillo Email: Classroom Website: Long-Term Sub: Miss Rebecca Tieri Miss Tieri’s Email: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Back-to School Night

Back-to School NightMonday, September 9, 2013Mrs. AngiolilloLong-Term Sub: Miss Tieri

Teacher InformationMrs. Kaitlin AngiolilloEmail: Miss.Angiolillo@smtparish.orgClassroom Website: http://mrsangiolillo.weebly.comLong-Term Sub: Miss Rebecca Tieri Miss Tieris Email: tierirebecca@gmail.comSchool Phone Number: 215-535-2962 (leave a message for me)

ReligionWe Believe Workbook and WebsiteLiturgical Calendar/Seasons of the Church YearRosary/Mysteries of the RosaryMary, Mother of GodSaints and Feast DaysPrayers- Hail Mary, Our Father, Angel of God, Morning Offering, Grace Before Meals, Grace After Meals, Glory Be, Act of Contrition, Apostles Creed.

MathematicsCommon Core StandardsProgress in Mathematics Text, Workbook, and WebsiteFirst in Math Practice, Practice, Practice!

ELACommon Core Standards.Reading, Writing, Language, Listening and Speaking.Reading- Harcourt Trophies SeriesWriting- Three major writing pieces (Narrative, Informative, and Opinion).Language- Spelling (Harcourt Trophies), Grammar Workshop, Vocabulary Workshop, Phonics.Speaking and Listening- In-class presentations.Handwriting- Cursive Writing.

ScienceArchdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines for Science Taught but not graded.Scientific MethodGeology- Rocks and Minerals, Soil Formation, Water Cycle.Forces & Motion-Work, Energy.Human Body, Cells, Tissues, Organs, Systems.Living Things- Ecosystems, Food Chains, Adaptations.

Social StudiesArchdiocesan Curriculum Guidelines for Social StudiesTaught but not graded. HolidaysHistorical PeopleTimelinesGeography- Location, Directions, Physical Characteristics (Landforms, Water bodies), Cultural Characteristics.Weather, Climate, Natural Resources, Transportation, Export/Import of Goods.Communities- Urban, Rural, Suburban.Maps- Types, Symbols, Location Tools, U.S. Map, World Map (Continents, Oceans).Special Places to Know- Vatican, White House, Independence Hall, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, United States Capitol, etc.Government and Traditions.Economics- Wants and Needs/Goods and Services.Culture

GradesBased on class work, participation, special projects, in-class writing assignments, home assignments and tests.0 (Outstanding), VG (Very Good), G (Good), S (Satisfactory), I (Improvement Needed, & U (Unsatisfactory)Students will receive a letter grade for Religion, Mathematics, Handwriting, and ELA.A plus (+) mark on the report card means that the student has mastered a specific area. A check mark indicates that the student is still striving for mastery.Option C- Check grades/See assignments.Students will be taught Science and Social Studies this year, but will not be graded on it.

TestsStudents will be notified in advance of a test.Test Folder- Sent home once a week, usually on Wednesdays. Please look over, sign, and return all tests the following day.

HomeworkGiven every night, except for Fridays.To be completed by the following day.In addition to written homework, students should be reading each night, playing First in Math each night, and studying the material they learned in class.All written homework must be signed by a parent. Homework will be graded for completion only. If a student misses a homework, a calendar mark will be given and two points will be taken off from their homework grade each time. (Each student starts off with a Homework Grade of 100%).

Communication EnvelopeOn Wednesdays, students will be given a Communication Envelope. Please read all papers carefully. Please empty the envelope, sign it next to the date, and return it to school the following day.

Workbooks & CopybooksStudents will be given 2 copybooks once their Stationary fee has been paid. These two copybooks are to be used for Homework and ELA. Students were also to buy three copybooks (no spirals) on their own. These copybooks will become their Math, Religion, and Science & Social Studies copybooks. All copybooks and workbooks must be covered in clear contact paper and kept in good shape throughout the year.

ConductChrist is our model.New Behavior Calendar each trimester. Will be located in the back of the Homework copybook.Please see and initial calendar every night. Stop Light- Green (Excellent Behavior), Yellow (Warning), and Red (Number on Calendar & Lose of Morning Recess).Stamp on Calendar- Student behaved well in school that day. Caught Doing GoodPeacemaker of the MonthCompliment Chain

Quality of Student WorkNeatness and completion. Handwriting Grade.

Lateness/AbsenceSchool day begins at 7:50 A.M.PromptnessAbsentee note needed if student is absent.

BirthdaysBirthdays are a special time for your child. If you are sending a birthday treat to school, please do not send any products that may contain peanuts due to allergies. Children with summer birthdays can celebrate their birthday in June before school ends.

Snack/Lunch10-15 minute break in morning. Please choose a nutritious snack. Sodas are not permitted. No glass containers are allowed. SMT will begin the pretzel program in October. Hot Lunch begins on Sept. 30th. Please pack a dish towel/placemat with your childs lunch so he or she will have something to eat on.

SpecialsMonday: Technology and Art

Wednesday: Physical Education

Thursday: Library

Friday: Music

SacramentsThe Sacrament of Reconciliation Holy Communion More information about these sacraments will follow.

Thank you for your continued support!Thank you for attending this meeting tonight. We look forward to an exciting year! Welcome to 3rd Grade Room 311!