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1. Back-to-School NightLogistics and Expectations 2. BTSN Overview What it IS BTSN is a time for teachers to briefly introducethemselves, their subject matter, courseexpectations and wish lists to parents of scholarsenrolled in the course. Parents also receive PStraining provided by the office staff. What it is NOT BTSN is not a time to hold parent conferences,although appointments can be made to sharefurther academic information at a later time. 3. Teacher Preparation for BTSN Room is clean and well appointed. Student work is posted. 2-4 informational slides prepared (ifdesired) that contain contact informationand course highlights. Hard copy of Wish List for distribution toparents. Big WAVE smiles & Big WAVE personality! 4. BTSN Logistics All families report to their scholars Advisoryclassroom at 6pm for welcome and briefintroduction to Advisory program. What else should happen during this 10 minuteperiod? Parents sign in, pick up their scholars schedule,campus map and rotation schedule. Parents afforded first opportunity to pay for schoolAgenda. You will receive an envelope specificallyfor this, and an informational slide. 6:10pm Parents are dismissed to begin rotationsaccording to the schedule on the next slide. 5. BTSN Schedule6TH GRADE FAMILIES 7TH GRADE FAMILIES 6:00 6:10 Advisory6:00 6:10 Advisory 6:15 6:35 PS Training 6:13 6:18 Period 1 (Cowan Auditorium) 6:21 6:26 Period 2 6:38 6:43 Period 1 6:29 6:34 Period 3 6:46 6:51 Period 2 6:39 6:59 PS Training 6:54 6:59 Period 3 (Cowan Auditorium) 7:02 7:07 Period 4 7:02 7:07 Period 4 7:10 7:15 Period 5 7:10 7:15 Period 5 7:18 7:23 Period 6 7:18 7:23 Period 6 7:26 7:31 Secondary GL 7:26 7:31 Secondary GL 6. Student Agendas Agendas have arrived and have been delivered to ALL scholars! Agendas help to keep scholars organized and accountable! Agendas should be checked daily so that parents are informed about academic expectations: homework, projects, school events, etc. DonationExpectation: Parents will share $5 to offset the cost of student agendas. Make all checks payable to: Green Dot Public Schools; write Animo Westside in the memo section.