Back To School Night 2012-2013

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Back To School Night 2012-2013. Brian Fili 8 th Grade Math Teacher. Textbooks. Mark your calendars !!! SHMS Math Night Learn more about the Math in Focus Program. Wednesday, October 3 rd 7 :00pm Auditorium. On Line Resources. Username: 8grade30 Password: s7k6h. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Back To School Night 2012-2013

Back To School Night 2012-2013Brian Fili8th Grade Math Teacher1Textbooks

Mark your calendars!!!SHMS Math NightLearn more about the Math in Focus ProgramWednesday, October 3rd7:00pmAuditorium

On Line

Username: 8grade30

Password: s7k6hClassroom SuppliesSpiral Notebook or BinderFolderGraph Paper (optional)Covered TextbookPencils and a graphing calculator.

SHMS Grading PolicyTests: 40% **Quizzes/check ups: 30% ** (both announced and unannounced)Homework: 15% Homework is given typically Monday-Thursday night. Sometimes it is checked for completion and other times checked for accuracy. Homework questions will be addressed in class if students had a problem with their assignment.Other: 15%**We usually assess the students on either Wednesdays or Fridays

Grading PolicyFor information on homework or upcoming assignments, my website is updated daily. However, all assignments are written on the board in the classroom, and is expected to be in your agenda before leaving the room.

Contact InformationBest way to contact me is through emailbfili@wssd.orgPhone number 610-892-3470 ext 7314


Need Help?We are available for help after school on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, the 8th grade honors students as well as high school tutors are available in my room for additional support.

Common Core State Standards (CCSS)Focus Move away from mile wide, inch deep curricula; Narrow scope of content

Coherence Build on solid conceptual understanding; Think across grades & link to major topics within grade

Rigor Conceptual understanding; Procedural skills & fluency; Problem solving

Mathematical PracticesMake sense of problems & persevere in solving themReason abstractly & quantitativelyConstruct viable arguments & critique the reasoning of othersModel with mathematicsUse appropriate tools strategicallyAttend to precisionLook for & make use of structureLook for & express regularity in repeated reasoning

SHMS Math Mission StatementThe mission of the SHMS mathematics program is to:

Inspire intellectual curiosity and aesthetic appreciation of mathematics as a body of knowledge Promote critical thinking and problem solving skills to solve real world problemsDevelop computational fluency and understanding of mathematical algorithms in order to apply known facts to unknown situationsEncourage students to be active participants in a life-long learning process as independent thinkers

Problem Solving in Math in Focus

Thank you for coming!! Enjoy your evening!

Looking forward to a wonderful year!!