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Back to School 2012-13. Pre-algebra. What is this class about?. Rational and Real Numbers Patterns and Relationships Geometry and Measurement Linear and Nonlinear Functions Statistics, Data Analysis, and Probability. What work is expected?. Solve problems, read from the text. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Back to School2012-13Pre-algebra

  • What is this class about?Rational and Real NumbersPatterns and RelationshipsGeometry and MeasurementLinear and Nonlinear FunctionsStatistics, Data Analysis, and Probability

  • What work is expected?Solve problems, read from the text.Show their work. Points are lost if work is not shown, even if the answer is correct.Problem of the Month.Mostly in class.Preparation for Common Core Standards.Take tests.Do a few project.Take turns as class officers.

  • What are grades based on?

    Homework, Classwork, Projects 60%Tests 40%

  • How do I know my students grade?Parent Portal.Use password from last year.See Anna if you do not remember password.See me if you do not have Internet access.

  • By the percentageA 94% A- 90-93.9%B+ 87-89.9%B 84-86.9%B- 80-83.9%C+ 77-79.9%C 74-76.9%C- 70-73.9%D+ 67-69.9%D 64-66.9%D- 60-63.9%F 59.5%

  • How Can Parents Know What is Going On?Check the homework.Check the class web site.Newsletter.Send me email.Call me.Set up a conference.Sign grade reports, tests, and quizzes.

  • Student Work(What do these assignments mean?)Homework (C1.6 Homework): practice at home, worth 5 points if attempted and corrected.Review (C1.6 Review): 3 problems done in class after checking homework, worth 15 points, partial credit given.

  • Student Work(What do these assignments mean?)Quiz (C1 Quiz 1): given on Friday and covers work in the chapter up to Thursday. Must be signed by parent.Test (C1 Test): Given at end of chapter. Must be signed by parent.

  • Student Work(What do these assignments mean?)Notebook (C1 Notebook check): Written in on a daily basis. Contains class notes and initial practice problems. Checked at the end of each chapter.Problem of the Month: Generally done in class. Credit based on effort.Projects: Generally started in class and finished at home. Credit based on effort.

  • VolunteersHelp in classroom during projectsWork with small groupsPresentation to classOrganizer for class events Scholastic BooksFundraiserArt in ActionHelp with graduation