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bacardi original heritage


  • Bacardi Original

    Working with close family members, founder Don Facundo Bacard Mass pioneered key rum-making techniques, including the isolation of a single strain of yeast from nearby sugarcane fields. This closely guarded ingredient delivers the consistent quality and taste that makes BACARD rums the worlds favorite and is still used today.

    Don Bacardi

    Don Bacardi



    The new BACARD blends were a delight to Cuban residents who had known only the harsh and fiery local ron. They welcomed the taste of smooth, mixable rums branded with an elegant and intriguing black bat on the label.

  • 1862


  • Bacardi Original The Iconic Bat

    The Iconic Bat


    It was Don Facundos wife, Amalia, who suggested using a bat for the company logo. It was an insightful choice, because according to Cuban and Spanish lore, bats symbolize good health, good fortune and family unity. Soon this revolutionary, smooth-bodied rum became known as the rum of the bat.

    Another fascinating Bacardi symbol: El Coco, a coconut palm planted prominently at the opening of the distillery by the founders son. As its roots took hold so did a popular legend: ... the Bacardi company will survive in Cuba so long as the coconut palm lives ...


  • 1870

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  • Bacardi Original White Oak Barrels

    BACARDI Original is mellowed in Ameri-can white oak barrels in the tropics where it is age two and a half

    times faster.


  • Bacardi Original Bacardi & Coke

    Bacardi & Coca Cola

    crews, using fresh-squeezed local lime juice, sugar, shaved ice and BACARD Superior rum.

    In 1900, American soldiers celebrating victory after the Spanish-American War requested their Coca-Cola be mixed with BACARDI rum. They toasted to a free Cuba, introducing the Original Cuba Libre

    While the rum quickly began winning awards for quality and technical innovation, the new company faced major adversities: earthquakes, epidemic disease and financial distress. But the Bacardi family persevered ...

    The unique, light balance of BACARD rum inspired simple, thirst-quenching mixers to combat the Caribbean heat.

    An American engineer working in Cuba invented the BACARD Daiquiri in 1898. He offered it as a refreshing treat for his copper-mining



  • 1900

  • Bacardi Original Prohibation


    The legendary 1920s postcard ad (right) encapsulates the spirit of American tourists seeking a break from the stringent policy of prohibition by setting off for Cuba - an oasis of fun and enjoyment with BACARDI Rum at the center of it all.

    In 1919, Bacardi Prohibition became law in the United States and thousands of Americans flocked to Cuba to enjoy BACARDI Rum.



  • 1919

  • Bacardi Original Spiced Rum

    Rich and oaky on the nose, with hints of

    smoke and dried fruit, this exceptional spiced rum has a robust flavor

    that stands up to any challenge.

    09 10

  • 2013


  • Bacardi Original Pacaging & Advertising

    A memorable BACARD rum ad in the U.S. features scenes from its Cuban homeland in the 1930s and reminds consumers to ask for BACARD by name when ordering a BACARD Cuba Libre.

    In Cuba during the 1940s-50s, Bacardi was well-known for its branded cardboard box pack to transport BACARDI rum bottles safely on an airplane.

    Pacakaging & Advertising



  • 1940

  • Bacardi Original The Cathedral of Rum

    The Puerto Rico governor christens the new BACARDI distillery as The Cathedral of Rum. Today, It is the largest preminum rum distillery in the world. BACARDI Rum bottling plant, with state-ot-the-art facilities, opens in Mexico.

    The Cathedral of Rum


    The New York Supreme Court declares: A BACARDI cocktail must be made with BACARDI Rum.


  • 1958

  • Bacardi Original Heritage in a Bottle

    Enjoyed Yesterday,Enjoyed Today,

    Enjoyed Tommorow.BACARDI Original

    is Heritage in a Bottle.


  • 2012

  • Bacardi Original Ron Bacardi

    A new distillery in Brazil is opened and produces BACARDI rum in record time- a critical move after Cuban operations of Bacardi were illegally confiscated.

    Despite the loss of its Cuban assets, the act of the illegal confiscation triggered Bacardi to regroup and accelerate expansion to more international markets including the Bahamas.

    The Cuban assets of Compania Ron Bacardi, S.A. are illegally seized in the cuban revolution. After 98 years of operations, the bacardi faily goes into excile. El Coco withers and dies. This was a tough time for the company but proved strength and determination to be where we are today.

    A New Start in Brazil



  • Bacardi Original World No One

    And in 1987, BACARDI Rum became the first distilled spirits brand to surpass the 20 million nine liter case mark.

    Bacardi became the worlds number one selling premium spirit brand in 1979 with sales close to 16 million cases.

    World Number One



  • 1987


  • Bacardi Original Still Strong

    The release of BACARDI Original encapulates this and brings together true flavours of BACARDI that has been enjoyed since 1863 and will continue to be enjoyed for years t come.

    The Bacardi culture embraces a bold entrepreneurial spirit, valuing success but also rising up to challenges. Our 150-year history is etched against the backdrop of war, earthquakes, epidemic disease, U.S. Prohibition, the Cuban Revolution and illegal confiscation of our Cuban assets.

    Bacardi leaders consistently overcame adversities to emerge stronger, gradually positioning the Company as a successful, multinational leader across the global spirits industry.

    Still Going Strong


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  • 2013


  • Bacardi Original