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Carnival themed couples baby shower


  • 1. Jen & J.D.s baby shower 10/15/11 1pm (Carnival Theme) Fonts- Playbill, Roundhand, copperplate, Corner Store, Balloon

2. FOOD & SNACKS HOT DOGS & HAMBURGERS Jeremy will grill & will have warmers to keep it warm. Condiments go in vintage jars, get carnivalcard board trays for hotdogs & hamburgers, no bean chili to make chili dogs Coordinating napkins, plates, silverware once we know the final color (boy or girl baby) POP CORN Popcorn Machine & popcorn bags (ordered bags, Jeremy can get real popcorn machien fromfire dept.test out to make sure machine doesnt suck, ordered a back up mini machine.) PRETZELS look into pretzel warmer/keeping pretzels warmyummy when warm, sucky when cold NACHOS Fondue pot to warm cheese & tray w/ warmer to keep chips warm. Also, get those cool traysthat hold your nachos & your cheese. 3. Dessert, treats, beverages CUP CAKES Chocolate & vanilla w/ confetti. Do special topper (frosted animal crackers-pick out the elephants) & make coordinating carnival style wrappers (the one that Jen likes, but switch the colors & use the babys 1 st name letterhave to wait until we know the babys sex/name) CANDY Tons of candy! Use vintage jars Boxes of Cracker Jacks & animal crackers COTTON CANDY Individually wrapped bags of cotton candy w/ special label on it ICE CREAM Carnival ice cream variety pack (cones, bars, sandwiches), Clear out entire freezer & set it up so that ice cream looks like it is displayed like in a store. LEMONADE, WATER, COFFEE Lemonade w/ real lemons floating in it. Can use Jens server. Pretty! Paper straws, striped with pink & white or blue & white. Use Jens idea-bottles (like Frappucino bottles w/ striped paper straws) set in a vintage Pepsi crate (get another crate & a ton of bottles) Have filtered ice water too in another server just like Jens. Will look really pretty side by side. Could get bottles of water & do a special label on them, but they dont look as pretty. Coffee- Set up cream & sugar in cute little vintage jars. 4. ACTIVITIESFORTUNE TELLER Video fortune teller Talking Zoltar fortune teller bank (w/ jar of pennies so people can get their fortunes) Fortune telling fish (favors/prizes) 5. ACTIVITIESPHOTO BOTTH Use natural light (light whatcomes through the window in thestudio. Can turn studio into thephoto booth?, back drop w/ whitecurtains, props, bench Jeremybuilt. Use phone app & tripod to dovintage, but good pics. Diana, Logan, Larson, & girls willwork this station. Diana =photographer, girls = secretary(labels, printing photos), boys willrun the photos to the guests alongw/ a scrapbook page, pen, &instruction sheet. They have that polaroid photoprinter thinglook into that.Research all photo printers forbest way to do this. Dont need to print doubles ofphotoscan save all photos &email to Jen after event. Will printguest copy only at party & optionto email all photos to people afterevent. Need to make sure this is wellorganized. Use labels to writeguests name in order pictureswere taken, then can stick namelabel on back of photo so runners(Larson & Logan) can deliverpics) 6. Jen really wants these. Set up a table with pens so guests can fillMust have! these out & put them in the book. Set this up in a main area so that as many people as possible fill them out.Will order as soon as I have rough # of how manyBook color = steel sateenpeople are coming. 7. CANDY GUESSING GAME glass jars w/ candy (cute labels-chalkboard paint labels) Dont forget to write down how many of each candy you put in the jars (people guess & closest guesser wins that jar of candy) M&Ms, mini marshmallows, gummy bears, licorice. Everyone who guesses gets a prizesucker w/ special label on it. 8. Thank you gifts: Goldfish in a bag (soap) Update: These are EXTREMELY difficult tomake & all tries have failed miserablythey look terrible. BUT, searched & found alternate plan, tried it, & they look awesome! Can use clear bubble bath/shower gel instead! Use tickets w/ stickers for labels. How to make these: 9. MISC Vintage signs Make shed look like a circus tent Wrap trees/out Balloon arches Ballons w/ lights inside Special Chairs for JD & Jen to open gifts in! Dogs go to Paradise4Paws Have cleaning lady come day before & come 1 extra time before that Schedule bug spraying week before Firepit? Yard games (washers, tic tac toe from magazine) Hammock out (w/ striped cover) 10. MISC Washers, tic tac toe, Wii Carnival, dry erase board (baby name suggestions) Hammock Fonts- Playbill, Roundhand, copperplate Ice & popcorn machine from firehouse Photographer, book dogs at Paradise4Paws, schedule bug spraying & house cleaning, mow lawn (pick up dogpoop) Staff tshirts for people running booths? 11. Websites (Very pretty/cool artsyChicago photoswhere I found the Navy pier ferris wheel photo for the save thedates) (Carnival Cupcaketopper) (Elephant toppers &circus type cupcake wrappers) (Carnival supplies)