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After a fun afternoon playing baby shower games, everyone wants to leave the party with an adorable


  • Baby Shower Party Favor Ideas

    After a fun afternoon playing baby shower games, everyone wants to leave the party with an adorablefavor. It's what completes the experience. Cool favors are what make your baby shower extra special.The baby shower hostess may sometimes take weeks going back and forth between the differentpossibilities. I've been to quite a few baby showers in my time, and let me tell you, I've seen the good,the bad, and the ugly. In this article I'll give you 5 examples of favors that have caught my eye.Hopefully you'll really like at least one of these ideas.1- Crystal Baby Bottle Key ChainsA key chain is something useful and everyone uses it daily. Since favors should be memoirs, keychains will be a daily reminder of the baby for family and friends. You can tie the baby bottle keychain in tulle cloth and have an elegant ivory ribbon around it. For an even more sophisticated look,have the baby's name inscribed in gold letters on the ribbon. If the baby doesn't have a name yet, usethe parent's names. Some people will love the favor so much, they won't use it. This is fine too sinceit can be used to decorate a mantle or another corner of their home.2- Baby Shower CookieIf the mommy or daddy to be love cookies, then this favor will please them very much. Choose atheme for the cookies that match the overall theme of the party and of course express somethingpersonal about the parents. You can have a variety of different cookies in the same color combinationbut in different shapes. For example; if you're throwing a fall themed baby shower you can havepumpkins, acorns, squirrels and leaf shapes with orange, yellow, and brown colored icing. A goodthing about this favor is the fact that guests don't have to feel bad that the cookie won't last more thana day. They can eat it and feel appreciated for coming: mission accomplished. The perfect favor if youask me.3- Porcelain Baby DollThe great thing about this favor is that it's very pretty and it lasts a long time. Women and girls will beable to decorate their rooms with this favor. You can have the baby doll styled in whatever themeyou've chosen for your event. The only drawback is that this kind of favor may not appeal to men inattendance if you're throwing a couples baby shower. In that case, you can always have a differentfavor for the guys.4- Cold Porcelain Themed MagnetA magnet is a useful item and also a great reminder in the home of the new arrival of the baby. Getcreative and make different types of magnets in the theme and the color scheme that you've chosenfor your shower. For example: if you've chosen to have a nautical baby shower you can havelifesavers, anchors, sailor babies, and boats as magnets. Display your magnet favors on a 3 tieredtray on a special table just for them. That way it will be easier to hand them to guests as they leavethe party.5- Polaroid Favor IdeaHave someone take a picture of the mommy to be and each guest as they are leaving the shower.

  • Make sure it's one of those instant pictures. That way, the hostess hands the picture along with apicture frame to the guest.I have one more piece of advice when you're thinking about what to do for baby shower souvenirs.Try to be creative and innovate. Give it some heart. It doesn't have to be anything amazing; it just hasto be something that shows appreciation and adds a smile to your guests' faces.