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refreshments consisted of punch and cake, gifts of baby clothes were in yellow and light green and


  • Baby Shower Favors - Today's Trends

    Baby showers have always been one of the nicest ways to celebrate the arrival of a precious new life.Traditionally, a baby shower was a small gathering of relatives and close friends of the mother-to-beheld at a favorite aunt's house. The party was usually a surprise, the guest list was all female,refreshments consisted of punch and cake, gifts of baby clothes were in yellow and light green andguest party favors, if given at all, consisted of a few mints wrapped in tulle.Baby Shower Favors and Ideas for Creative ShowersTimes have changed! Today there are office baby showers, coed baby showers and large luncheonsat upscale restaurants. Most expectant mothers take part in the planning of the shower or at leasthave some input into the guest list, registries are used for gift-giving, the sex of the baby is usuallyknown by the time the shower is planned, and baby shower favors are an important part of the event!Finding unique baby shower favors is as much a part of baby shower planning today as organizingthe guest list, finding the perfect location and choosing the menu. Internet businesses have made thetask easier for the hostess with offerings that include candles, chocolates, soaps, ornaments,plantable seed favors, custom-made favors, favors imported from Europe, magnets, baby-themedcookies, frames and tea and coffee favors. Baby shower party favors can be almost anything youimagine!Themed Baby Shower Centerpieces and baby shower favorsFrom the invitations to the decorations, the centerpieces and especially the baby shower party favors,most hostesses start with an overall theme. Whether baby shower favor ideas start with the baby'snursery colors or as based on favorite themes - Noah's Ark, nursery rhymes, rubber duckies, teddybears, rocking horses, elephants, bunnies or baby carriages - everything is coordinated. Whateverthe choice of theme or favor, however, emphasis is being put on making the baby shower favorsspecial and customized by personalizing them in some way, usually with personalized ribbon. Theresult of all this planning is a beautiful event with themed baby shower favors and centerpieces thatreflect the joy surrounding the arrival of a new life.For adorable baby shower favors, both affordable and unique, as well as centerpieces andpersonalized ribbon to complete the favors,A Little Favorwould be the perfect place to start youronline shopping. Linda Reiser is the owner ofA Little Favor, a company that specializes in elegant andaffordable favors for wedding receptions, baby and bridal showers, christenings, parties and specialevents. She is always happy to give advice on current trends in baby shower favors andcenterpieces.