b6u4 global warming. faced with global warming, what should we do to reduce it? 1.turn off the...

Download B6U4 Global warming. Faced with global warming, what should we do to reduce it? 1.Turn off the electrical appliances if we don’t use them. 2. Put on more

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  • B6U4 Global warming

  • Faced with global warming, what should we do to reduce it?Turn off the electrical appliances if we dont use them.2. Put on more clothes instead of turning up the heat.3. Walk or ride a bike if you can.4. Buy things made from recycled materials or economical with energy5. Plant trees.6. Be an educator

  • Apart from global warming, what environmental problems do you think are serious?Air pollution, water pollution, noise, acid rain, over deforestation, desertification and so on.

  • Find out the topic sentence of each paragraphPara 1: first sentencePara 2: first sentencePara 3: first sentencePara 4: last sentence

  • Answer key for Exercise 2 (P67)Litter is a serious environmental problem

    First Paragraph

    Point of view

  • Cigarette butts are small but are still bad for the environment. 1. Over 1,600 billion cigarettes are smoked each year in China. Many of the butts become litter.

    Second Paragraph

    First point of the argument;


  • 2. 4.5 trillion butts are littered every year in the world.3. Butts spoil the beauty of the environment4. Butts contain toxic chemicals. These get into the water supply. These decrease the quality of the water and endanger living things.5. Butts take up to 5 years to break down, so the toxic chemicals add up to a great amount.

    Second Paragraph

  • Plastic bags are a danger to the environment.

    Third Paragraph

    Second point of the argument

  • Plastic bags are made from non-renewable resources. If they are not recycled, these resources are lost to us.In China, 2 billion plastic bags are used every day. Many of these become litter.

    Third Paragraph


  • 3. Plastic bags last from 20 to 1000 years in the environment.4. They can travel long distances in the air and water. They are in rivers, parks, beaches and oceans. 5. Plastic bags kill up to one million seabirds, 100,000 sea mammals and countless fish each year worldwide.


  • 6. After the animal breaks down, the plastic bag becomes free and can kill another animal.


  • The environment would be less polluted if we cleaned up cigarette butts and plastic bags. The best solution would be not to smoke or use plastic bags at all.

    Fourth Paragraph

    Point of view

  • Structure of an argumentation:Part 1: Point of viewPart 2: Evidence to support your viewPart 3: Point of view

  • Writing:1.2.3.(disposal dishware)4.5.

  • Part 1: Put forward a problemPart2: Analyse the problemPart3: Solve the problem


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