B2B Sales - Entrepreneurship 101 (2013/2014)

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How are you going to sell your product? Learn the principles of selling value to your customers, with a special emphasis on the challenges of sales for technology start-ups. Get tips for dealing with stakeholders and distributors and learn how to manage risks and problems. Get practical tips for making sales calls, including how to successfully close a sale and follow-up with potential customers. This lecture will cover: - Choosing the right sales tactics - CRM - Networking best practices - Cold calling strategy - Social media for sales - Sending emails that get responses - Planning for great meetings


  • 1. Entrepreneurship 101: B2B Sales February 5, 2014@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD

2. @markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 3. Agenda 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7)Introductions Value Proposition Targets Types of Sales Inbound Leads Process Tools CRM@markeelliott8) Cold Call vs. Warm Call 9) Leveraging Social Media 10) Other Sales Tactics 11) Meeting Plans 12) Great Resources 13) Questions#Ent101@MaRSDD 4. Agenda Mark Elliott, Co-Founder VA Partners provides Part-time Sales and Marketing Almost 20 Years of Sales and Marketing Created $2M annual annuity for a finance company Booked 100 meetings using Social Media New clients for web based company increased revenue by 50% Worked with 70+ clients over 7 years@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 5. Value Proposition What benefits are you selling? Revenue increase Cost reduction Productivity improvement Avoid something bad Quantify the benefit Multiple value propositions How are you different vs. your competitors@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 6. Targets Where do your benefits best match-up? Vertical focus Horizontal focus Leverage knowledge and success to own a market segment Best contacts within a company Could be multiple All organizations dont work the same way Call high in the organization@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 7. What Type of Sales is Best? Types Direct Channel Outbound Inside Marketing Decision Cost of Sale How do target customers buy? May do unnatural things at the start@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 8. Inbound Lead Generation Bring in qualified leads Components Blogs Whitepapers Email marketing Social Media SEO Website Easy to update Capabilities to add the components needed Customer testimonials@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 9. Sales Process ToolsProspecting Qualifying Proposing Closing Path to Sales Success Activity targets Handling objections Email templates Telephone scriptsRoll-out@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 10. Sales CRMs @markeelliottAccounts Contacts Activities Opportunities Notes Leads Share information#Ent101@MaRSDD 11. Cold Calls vs. Warm Calls Book time in your schedule What is your goal? Research Company Person you are contacting Call the right person Have the right message Prepare for objections you may face Call at start and at the end of the day@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 12. Leveraging Social Media LinkedIn Complete Profile Make it easy to connect Connect after. Ask for introductions Send InMail Research Twitter @markeelliott#Ent101Use tools, like Hootsuite Schedule Tweets Create lists Engage@MaRSDD 13. Other Sales Tactics Research Social Media Web Data.com Targeted Email Networking@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 14. Meeting Plans Ask questions Sample Agenda Introduction Overview prospect Overview your organization Next steps Who are you meeting? What are they hoping to get out of the meeting? What are your goals? What are your next steps?@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD 15. Great Sales ResourcesSales Peer2PeerSales Peer to PeerLinkedin Grouphttp://yoursalesplaybook.com@markeelliott#Ent101@MaRSDD