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B2B eCommerce Solution using

Magento is a leader in B2C eCommerce. Given the rapid growth in B2B eCommerce, Magento is being increasingly used as a B2B eCommerce solution as well through customizations and add-ons.tradedesk.inMagento

According to Econsultancy"by migrating B2B customers online, companies have seen a 44% increase in average order value and 38% of the B2B executives agreed that customers have spent more. In addition, half of the companies have reduced their acquisition costs and 52% have decreased their support costs. Perhaps most importantly, the more channels customers buy from, the more money they spend and the more loyal they are. In a time when companies are struggling to find growth in the traditional channels, this may well be the best way to stand out from competition and increase sales."tradedesk.in

B2B e-commerce fall into two categories: EFFICIENCY OPPORTUNITYtradedesk.in

Efficiency comes from making business transactions more easy and quicker.

Opportunity is delivered by adding value, improving service, increased new business. tradedesk.inEfficiency & Opportunity

Some Of The Main Differences Between B2B & B2CFeatureB2CB2BRegistrationAllow guest users to view products and pricesRegistration Approval may be mandatory to view products and pricesCheckoutIntegrated With Payment GatewayPayment Mode May be Offline through cheque or online banking. PricingPricing is uniform across the product range. Pricing may depend upon the customer segment, region or volume of the transaction. PromotionsOffered as a standard offering across all customers. Promotions can be customer specific, segment specific, region specific.QuotationPrices Visible in the Store. Generate a Quote based on discussions & negotiations.Made to Order productsNormally offer products which are in stock. Order listed with Customization of the product and get a quote. Salesperson MappingNot any Concept of Salespersonsalespersons mapped to customers for Sales & other queries.

Magento as a B2B offering one needs to have the above features built in on Magento as an add-on or customization.

InSync (www.insync.co.in) offering an add-on for Magento which covers some of the features above.