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B2B (Business-To-Business) Portals / Websites - B2b portals list, free b2b portals for trade business worldwide, What are the top 10 b2b portals in world, What is B2B web portal?


1. B2B (Business-To-Business) Portals / WebsitesBusiness Article By: Fibre2Fashion.ComB2B (business-to-business) Portals / Websites include all internet-basedtechnical solutions which facilitate services in the establishment of new tradingrelationships between companies and supporting the existing relationships. Itcan be termed as an e-market for e-business transactions. A B2B portal primarilyserves as a platform for wholesalers, retailers, distributors and manufacturers tocarry out their business activities online. It allows electronic transfer of orders,invoicing and payments. B2B stands for business to business, so in B2B site thecommunication and transaction is between one business ventures to anotherbusiness venture, here the targeted customers are not approached directly, itdoes not sell directly to the end user.B2B site has become one of the most sorts out and techno-savvy mode forbusiness transactions as well as a platform for sales. It provides the user theopportunity to reach out to companies and businesses globally. Marketing donethrough the B2B portals is exclusively online thus there are no print, distributionor postage costs plus it is measurable through sophisticated tracking software.B2B online marketing is an essential part from buyers perspective as well assellers perspective. For buyers it facilitates in searching new suppliers, postbuying requests, and search for used or new investment goods. For a seller pointof view, it makes easy to find out buyers for their products, they could sell onlinenew as well as used products. They could even access the information abouttheir competitors.B2B websites are an excellent source of various types of business relatedinformation. Such as:-The history about sales, present scenario as well as future prediction about thesales by business pundits.Knowledge about their competitors market share, the products offered by themand it also helps the companies to understand their competitors marketingstrategies.It also provides information about the products pricing and sales in the e-market.It provides business classifieds, i.e. indirectly business directory of sellers andbuyers.Information for the supply chain process i.e. quality, delivery time, mode ofpayment, etc. 2. Provides information about latest happenings of the industry the website isdealing to.B2B website is a low cost electronic medium to communicate about yourproducts or services to the target markets. Nearly 90% of technical buyers use theinternet to fulfill their business requirements. It is very easy to operate throughB2B, all that is needed a web browser and internet connection.Before taking decision to invest in B2B portals certain points should be cleared inthe buyer or sellers mind, like why they want to use this platform, decision aboutwhat are products that are to be displayed for sale on the website and to see to itthat B2B marketing does not conflict with other marketing channels been usedbefore.BENEFITS OF B2B PORTALSB2B portals have made possible for buyers and sellers to carry out sales andbusiness activities online with the advantage of having choice of manycompanies that are listed through these websites for business purpose. There aremany benefits coupled with B2Bs.Here follow the gist of the advantages that areprocured by the companies using B2B websites for their business.Full article at: All you wanted to know about B2B Portals or Websites