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Aztec Tribe. By: Sophie/Amitola. Introduction. Hello I am Amitola. That means Rainbow, which I love. I live in Northern Mexico. The year is 1325 AD This is my story. Featuring Sophie. My diary #1. My god. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aztec Tribe

Aztec TribeBy: Sophie/Amitola

1IntroductionHello I am Amitola.That means Rainbow, which I love.I live in Northern Mexico.The year is 1325 AD

This is my story.

My diary #1Featuring Sophie

My godYayyy! It has been the 52 year cycle, now we get to sacrifice someone and my father has volunteered to get his heart cut out on the top of the sacrificial temple. In case your wondering every 52 years the gods and goddesses come to earth and kill us all but before that happens we sacrifice someone and hold them down on the sun gods temple and cut their hearts out.

Gods:Huitzilopochitle- the sun god who owns the templeCatlicn- goddess of the stars and the earthXochipili- goddess of food and loveTezcatillipoc- god of sorcery and misfortune

My houseMy house might not be the most charming house or the most durable house but it is the coziest house. My house is mostly made up of lime plaster for the walls and the floor and a straw roof and 2 doors and 1 window. My friends house is made up of lumber, soil, adobe brick, clay, and stone and a little bit of sand. Their family was small so they didnt have a big home.

My clothingMy mama and me always love to make clothes for papa. I learned to sew when I was about 14 years old. I love to style and use the dyes my father and his hunting crew gather in the wilderness. My clothes are short, so are my mamas because the weather is always hot in our home. We used stuff such as cotton, bright colors, cactus and much more natural materials.

My Diary #2 Featuring Sophie

My geographyWere I live it is hot and dry but on ocean shore were my grandma lives is hot and wet because the Aztec land is spread across this land we have that the white men call Mexico. There are some forests and some dry deserts and my granny Sakuruta which means coming sun lives in the wet parts.

My diary #3Featuring Sophie

My weather My dad was ready to go get his heart torn out as I said in the beginning of my diary but I really hope it doesnt rain because the temple has a small forest around it but were I lived I didnt get much rain at all. It always depended on were you lived on the Aztec land. If lived I the forest you got rain and if you lived in the dry land you got the heat all day every day.

My reflectionsFeaturing Sophie

My reflection #1Wow! It seems like yesterday. Oh, sorry I am 62 years old today but I am dying from the small pox that the white men gave to us and ran off with our gold and tore our empire apart. Any ways I figured why not write in my diary one last time and give it to my daughter so she can bury it with me. Now, lets see where was I , oh right the white settlers took our gold and the men fought but now everyone is infected with the horrid things that they have brought with them. Sorry to say but (cough) goodbye now, the great gods will take me to the peace land now.

My reflection #2I think I did pretty good on my project and I think I could have used more detail at the beginning but I think towards the end I did really good, and anyways thanks for watching my presentation and have a B-E-A-utiful day!

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