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  • 1. Aztec Sculpture Gabby Marcuzzi Herie

2. In all the days of my life I have seen nothing that has so rejoiced my heart as these things. For I saw among them strange and exquisitely worked objects and marveled at the subtle genius of the men in distant lands. -Albrecht Drer 3. The Tolteca Xochiquetzal 4. Propaganda The Sun Stone 5. The Tizoc Stone 6. Religious Sculpture Xipe Ttec 7. Chalchihuitlicu e Macuilxochitl 8. Ocelotl-Cuauhxicalli 9. Templo Mayor 10. Women in Sculpture 11. Eagle Warrior as Huitzilopochtli 12. Cihuateotl 13. Masks 14. Xiuhtecuhtli-Huitzilopochtli 15. Macuilxochitl 16. Xipe Ttec